Monday, June 17, 2013

The number on the scale

Last night, as I was falling asleep (which is when I do my best thinking), I was thinking about that number on the scale. I am a daily weigher, I have been for about 14 years, but I have never really let the fluctuation from day to day bother me too much. I noticed early on that the scale has very little to do with anything much at all!

The amount you weigh can have very little to do with your body type. My weight has not changed *at all* in about a year, and yet last year's clothes are loose this year. The fat that used to be on the back of my thighs? Gone. My legs are more muscular as well. My arms? Still weak, but not flabby and my face is definitely thinner!

I have also noticed my abs becoming a little more defined, and there is less fat all over my body. Do I have a long way to go? Yes. My exercise is mostly on track but my eating is not very good! I will have days where I eat healthy and then a whole week where all I want is chocolate and chips. Luckily, the amount of junk I eat has drastically reduced, but it is still there. I recognize this, and I take constant steps to remedy the situation. Eventually, I will get there!
Remember to measure yourself, and take note of all those NSVs (Non Scale Victories!) They really are just as more important than that number on the scale!
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What has been your best/most recent NSV?


  1. I had to remove the batteries in my scale and put it way up high. I haven't weighed myself in so long! It feels very freeing and I feel like I already know what I hsould be doing so as long as I can see the progression and moving in the right direction then I feel like I don't need the number.

    1. SO smart, I really should do that!

  2. I got rid of my scale years ago. It was doing me no good.

    I think my most recent NSVs are that my clothes are fitting better, I can run almost 5 miles straight and I am starting to crave more fruits and veggies rather than junk.

  3. I try to limit weighing myself to once a week. My NSVs are my clothes fitting better, being able to run a bit longer without stopping to walk, and better eating habits. No more craving junk. It doesn't like me anymore anyway. Great post.

    1. Thank you Christine, and love your NSVs!