Monday, July 1, 2013

A Week in Workouts,and Revolt's July Uprising!

Yikes, I posted this without a blog post!
I need to start by saying that I was given free access to Revolt's food and fitness plans in exchange for weekly reviews. All opinions are, as always, my own! I will also mention WW, but I am receiving no compensation, I just like the program!
Last week was a crazy week, with vacation ending (and a 12 hour trip home!) and then rushing around to get ready for the Boy's 8th Grade Promotion Party. We had a simple barbecue, but with us getting home late Thursday, and the party being Saturday, we had a lot of work to do!
I did manage to workout a bit each day, though!
Monday: Run Streak run, walk with the hubs on the beach, 100 crunches and a plank

my daughter and I also took my bear GL to Barefoot Landing to shop!
Tuesday: one mile Run Streak run, 1.3 mile beach walk, 2:00 plank for plankaday, and a 30 minute swim

 Wednesday: 1.2 mile run (the hubs stayed home, my pace improved, hmmmmmm), walk on the beach, and some shopping. That night, we went to Medieval Times.
awkward selfie with the teenie

 Thursday: after a 12 hour drive, I managed to squeak out one mile It sucked.
 Friday: lots of errands, a one miler got done at some point, but it was mostly walking around town because the car was in the shop!Also managed a 2:30 plank! I also joined WW again, which is going well!
 Saturday: one miler that i did not save  a pic of! plank, lots of cleaning and then BBQ time! No pics of the BBQ, just relaxed and enjoyed!
Sunday: 5K PR in the insane heat. It was the first time I did more than a couple miles in weeks, and it felt great!

the hubs and I went out and I remembered I had a GC! 2 almost free pairs of socks! My cost? $2
So now it is July. The new Revolt Uprising is starting today! Woot! I am ready to get back on track! The Uprising is an amazing deal for someone who wants a food and exercise plan! It is $10 a month, and you get daily workouts and food plans! SO awesome! That is the price of (maybe) one exercise DVD!
You are probably wondering why I joined WW if I have access to free Food Plans? Well, let me give it to you straight! Nichole's plan is awesome! The food is tasty, I like most of it, and can swap out what I don't like. My issue is that when you put a schedule in front of me, and tell me to eat everything on it a switch goes off in my head somewhere and starts freaking out about what I *can't* eat. I need to be able to eat what I want, when I want. I plan to follow Nichole's meal plan as well as I can, and use WW at the same time.
When the Boy was born, over 14 years ago, I joined WW at 188 pounds. I had gained a lot before the pregnancy (after a miscarriage) and then I gained a bit during the pregnancy. I lost 60 pounds in one year. I joined in June, and by December I was at goal (144 pounds) and in January I made lifetime. I actually got myself down to 128 but it was hard to maintain, so I slowly went back up to 144.....and beyond. I have gained and lost the same 30 pounds through the years.
When I started running almost 2 years ago, I lost 20 pounds fairly easily, with no attention paid to my diet. Now I find the weight creeping back, and I need to be proactive! I know that running will be easier without the pounds! Off to WW I went. The leader is familiar to me. She was a weigher when I made lifetime all those years ago, and I have attended her meetings through the years. She has also been on Dr. Oz during a WW episode. LOVE her.
I joined on Friday and have lost 3 pounds already! This is with the BBQ, and having 2 pieces of Costco cake in the last 2 days. I love that it is so flexible! I will keep you posted on my progress!

Have you ever tried WW or Jenny Craig, or plans like them? How did it go?

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