Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Claws Game....and the 250th Post Giveaway Winner

Last night was date night, and we went to our local semi-pro baseball game. I LOVE going to the Blue Claws games, it is such a great atmosphere, and I will only watch baseball live, I cannot watch it on TV. True Story. Best part? We won! Woot!
Mr. Belding was there. You remember Belding, right? From Saved by the Bell. The line to see him was looooooong and the hubs stalled so long that we ended up skipping the meet and autograph deal. The hubs made up for it by getting me a photo. What do you think? It still looks like him, but he has also changed a lot.
Mr Belding

sunset is always so pretty here!

the blue eye ball won! As a blue eyed girl, I liked this a lot!

on to the good news!!!!
The winner of my 250th Post Giveaway is........
Katie, from From Ice Cream to Marathon!!! Congratulations!!!
If you are one of the next 4, you win Sweat Pink shoelaces! Message me if you would like your pair, and I will send them out asap! Katie, message me so I can send you your prize!

What are you doing this weekend to keep your body moving?