Monday, July 15, 2013

Crayon Art

Today, my daughter and I decided we were finally going to try out a project she found on Pinterest. We have been talking about doing this for months, and while we were at Walmart, we saw the crayons, all set out according to color, and we knew today was the day!
This is the perfect project for a rainy day (although it was sunny today!!) because you can do it inside, and it is very involved, with several steps. Easy steps, though, so no worries!

First you need the supplies:

  • crayola crayons (they will melt the best) we got the boxes that had varuations of blue for the teenie, green for the boy, and yellow/orange for me. Each box was 78 cents each at Walmart and we needed 3 each
  • canvas boards. Walmart had packs of 3 for about $3.50 and they were 8x11. If you get bigger canvas board, make sure you have enough crayons!
  • crayola suggested double sided foam tape, but we used a hot glue gun to attach the crayons to the board
  • we used shadow cutouts as our focal point, but crayola had all kinds of ideas! 
  • blow dryer to melt the crayons
SO, here is what we did!
  • pre-arrange the crayons how you want them and line them all up about halfway down your board
  • apply enough hot glue for about 3 crayons at a time, because you don't want it to harden before you are ready!
  • line up your crayons: we did it evenly, but be creative if you want! Point them down, though, for maximum drippage!!!
  • make sure to put down plenty of newspaper or cardboard underneath and behind your canvas. It splatters!
  • Put your hairdryer on high and blow dry your crayons, hold it about one inch above the crayons and point it straight down. The crayons will start melting pretty quickly!
  • you can also blow dry closer to the tips for extra drippage, and turn it sideways for cool patterns!
  • let your artwork dry, and be careful! melted wax is hot!
  • apply the silhouette after the crayons have dried and cooled!
the teenie, a crazy Doctor Who fan, made hers TARDIS blue:

The boy doesn't have a plan for his yet:
We are really happy with the way they came out, and they only cost about $4 each to make! You gotta love that! OH, and I was not compensated by Walmart or Crayola, they have no idea I even wrote this post. I loved the project and wanted to share!

What craft projects have you done with your kids this summer?


  1. That is so cool!!!! Love how they came out!

    We haven't really done any crafts this summer. Little man has a very creative teacher at camp, so he does a bunch of artsy stuff there.

    1. you gotta love that, he gets the art, and you have no mess! Win Win!

  2. Tell Teenie my license plate says TARD1S :)

    1. OMG she will DIE! that is awesome!