Monday, July 22, 2013

Dopey Training, Week 3 and Dermagist Giveaway Winner

I completed week 3 of Dopey Training this week! Holy heck!
I did not do much else, though, because my hand was very very sore from an injury sustained at Rugged Maniac. I cut my palm open on one of the barricade walls. I admit, it makes me feel pretty badass to say that! It is all healed now, so I will be back at it today!
First, here are some official RM pics:
one of my friend's laughed because I am the only happy one in this pic!

finishing with Melanie

fire leap! My favorite part!

Monday: a plank. On my knuckles. No lie, I am a straight arm planker, and I couldn't put my hand down flat. Owie!
Tuesday: 3 mile run and a plank, this time on our bed, for some extra padding. Sad but true. It was super hot, we had a week long hot spell, up to 100 before noon every day, which we are SO not used to here in NJ! It is finally cooling down a little starting yesterday!
Wednesday: Lavalette BP 5K, evening race, with my friend Cheryl. It was in the 90s and the breeze off the Ocean did help a little, but not alot. We took it a little easy. and I finished in about 34 minutes. We each placed 3rd in our age groups! Woot! There were no age group prizes though! Darn! I also planked. On the bed again. Sad. I really rocked the Swirlgear though. I love my top! (961 at checkout=free shipping!)
Thursday: Yoga with Bob Harper. My hand was finally feeling better, but after yoga and all the planks, it was sore again lol. Worth it though, this is tough yoga, and I was a sweaty mess afterwards! In the pic is some yummy wild raspberries our neighbor picked for us. The teenie and her friend ate them all! Bad teenie!
Friday: weigh in! I am down 1.8 more for a total of 6.2 in 3 weeks! Woot! I also geocached with the teenie. It was super hot and we regretted it. A little. Oh, and a plank. On the bed again. Only because I forgot though! Over 100 days planking! Woot! I also did my Flat Mama for the Undy Run.

Saturday: Undy Run 5K with some of my MRTT friends. It was a little cooler, in the 80s, so it wasn't terrible. I am still waiting for the results (2 days! I am dying here!) but my time was about 31:46. I am kind of surprised about the results not being posted. I guess I am spoiled by our local races. The results are up for those within hours, sometimes by the time I get home! Anyway, it was a great time!
The 4 ladies are me with my MRTT girls, the 6 are MRTT plus 2 extra friends from my running club.
Sunday: cooling off now! The hubs came on part of my training ride, then I played with the Wii Fit for a half hour, took the dogs for a walk, and at night we went on a beach walk. Whew! Oh, and a plank!

Not too bad, for a week with an injury!
I look forward to week 4 of Dopey Training! I have a mud run on Saturday again, but I think this will be a little more low key. I guess we will see!
and the winner of the Dermagist Giveaway, who has already been notified, is
Donna Raye!

Congrats Donna!
Next week, I am going to a Pampered Chef party, and I think I will be picking up a few things to giveaway as part of my facebook page's 1000th like! I am soooooo close, so if you are not already a fan, please consider going over to my Barking Mad Facebook page and showing a little love! I know I will get there soon, and then I can give away some Pampered Chef favorites!
Have you ever been to a PC party? What is your favorite item?


  1. Love PC. Their pizza stone is amazing. We have one that can be used on the grill for grilled pizza and it's the best.

    My mom would be so jealous of that sea glass you found. It's her favorite.

    I hope your hand is feeling better. That sounds painful. And OMG! Mud AND fire???????!!!!???! Two things that strike fear in my heart.

    1. I have almost of all of the stoneware, I use very little else in my oven! We loved collecting seaglass and I totally fangirled over the blue piece. You never find that, usually brown or white!
      My hand is better, thanks! It hurt reallyreallyreally bad for three days and was sore for three.
      I love mud and fire, I am doing another this weekend and am hoping for fire!

  2. Glad your hand is feeling better, and congrats on the weight loss! Also...the undy run sounds like fun! Haha. Gotta love the TMNT. ;-D

    1. thanks! I couldn't resist the TMNT, child at heart I guess!