Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dopey Training, Week 4

Wow! I am so tired and sore from yesterday's 4H Mud Run! No official pics yet, but my official time was 1:23. I was pretty proud of it until I saw that the winners finished between 35 and 40 minutes or so. No lie. Scary stuff!
I finished week 4 of Dopey Training! Woot! It is still easy, since there are no back to back runs yet. They don't start up until week 12! I will party like a rock star until then, since I am pretty sure those back to back runs will kill me!
Monday: 8.5 mile bike ride, and a plank
Tuesday: I started my day with Zombie sprints. No, really. I used the Zombies, Run! app. When those zombies come at you, you sprint! I never took a pic though, we were bringing the teenie to the city, and I was distracted. She has been gone for 6 days, and still has 4 to go! We walked all around Fordham, and after we got home, we did a short training ride. I also planked. I plank every day, I might forget to put it in, but it got done ;)

 Wednesday: Run Like a Girl, at Road Runner Sports. I did a 3.5 mile fun run, and got a free Brooks hand towel. Woot! I also bought the top of my Princess Leia costume for Disney's Dopey Challenge! I also started Slim in 6. I hope to do it 5-6 times a week, but time will tell! If I get it in there 3 days a week I will be thrilled! It is tough, too! My muscles were achey after day 1! Planked!!!

 Thursday: I plankled. That is all. Sad, but true! Every once in awhile, a body needs to rest! I ran a lot of errands and the boy and I did puzzles!
Friday: 5 mile run at the boardwalk.The ocean was closed to swimmers so it was more like dodge ball. My pace was great, considering! We also walked the dogs. Oh, and I planked!

 Saturday: 4H Mud Run. This one kicked my butt, as I mentioned already. Planked, too!
 Sunday: we walked the dogs, but that might be it. I am thinking we might go for a ride later, but not sure. I will plank, too ;) The bird eggs we found in our yard upon our return. They were empty, hooray! No dead baby birds in my yard! woohoo!!

Not a bad week, all together! 3 Runs, one mud run, one Slim in 6. Since I started my week on Wednesday with that, I still have time to get 2 more in!

Have you found anything interesting on a run or walk lately?


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that! You have had a full week! You are doing great!

    This week's craziest thing seemed to be fog. Thick, unrelenting fog. There is usually something interesting to see - frogs/toads, turtles, cool sunrises, that kind of thing. I like taking pictures while I'm out.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one! I stopped in the middle of the Staten Island Half to take pics! People thought I was nuts, but I still PRd lol