Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Friday with Color Me Rad!

I am so excited to announce that I will be a Color Me Rad Ambassador this Fall!

I will be attending the Baltimore Event on September 8th, and my team name is Barking Rad (in case you want to join me!)
Have you ever done an event like this? They are SO much fun! Last summer, I did a similar event twice, once with the teenie and once with the boy. We had a lot of fun, so I am super excited to do it again this year, with a different company!
What is Color Me Rad?
The best 5K race you will ever encounter! At each K, you are bombarded with color, thrown at you by volunteers who are trained for just such an event, one color per Kilometer. When you are done, you are a rainbow of color!
You also receive one packet of color of your own, to be used at the finish line. The dye is colored corn starch, so it is harmless. There really is nothing like it!
Check out all of the colorful wonder:
on Facebook
on Twitter
on Pinterest
on Instagram
on youtube!

But beware, if you check out all of those sites, you are going to want to participate! The fun is infectious, the runners are all so happy and. It really is all sunshine and rainbows!
Check out those links! I dare you! I am sure I will see you there!

Have you ever done Color Me Rad? How colorful did you get?!?


  1. Congrats that is soooooooooooo awesome and I am beyond jealous!!!!

    1. thank you :) we should do a color race together some time!