Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Week in Workouts! Dopey Training week 2!

I cannot believe week 2 of Dopey Training is over already!

Monday: Cardio and a duathlon training ride, a short one, but a ride nonetheless.

Tuesday: Sweaty 3 mile run with my friend Cheryl, Lower Body workout, plankaday, ab challenge, and squat challenge! Whew! I also did my awesome SwirlGear photo shoot with the hubs! This top was so awesomely comfy while I worked out, I wanted to wear it all day long! If you use code 961 at checkout you get FREE shipping! Woot!

Wednesday: My first workout with MyFitU, which I loved! There is no running video, but you can see videos of the moves, and each exercise is listed on the left side, and you cam scroll down to see what comes next. Super easy to use, and a great workout! Also a training ride, plank, squats, and abs.
Thursday: 3 mile run, and Blue Claws date night! I had fried oreos, but otherwise behaved myself! I had WW weigh in the next day, and did not want to regret or second guess any choices I made!

I also geocached, but it was just a quick walk in the woods, I drove there lol

Mr Belding at the Blue Claws, I did not stand on the long line, I didn't want to miss the game!

Friday: Total Body with MyFitU, and my WW weigh in. I lost almost a pound, for a total of 4.4 in 2 weeks! I also treated myself to the ActiveLink. I will let you know how I like it! The first week, you are not supposed to exercise, so it can get a base line. Ummmmmm no. But I will remove it during my workouts, so that it can get it's baseline and I can stay on track for Dopey!

Saturday: Rugged Maniac, a hand injury, and a dog walk to Geocache. I even did a plank, which was hard because I do them on my hands, not my elbows. I kind of did a fingertip thing lol

Sunday: I am still in my PJs! I might do yoga today, but I am unsure. My hand really hurts, as do my shoulders and hips. It might do me some good, though, so I will give it a try. Eventually.

What did you do this week to keep your body moving?


  1. Ouch! Sorry about your hand! Other than that, it looks like you had a busy, productive week.

    I didn't really do any "organized" activity this week, but we did go to Disney and a waterpark, so that was a lot of walking around in the sun and humidity. Totally counts. :)

  2. Great job! Sorry about your hand, but kudos to you for keeping at your workouts!

    1. thanks! The hand is feeling a little better today, still a little swollen. I cannot ride yet, too much pressure where the cut is, which stinks, but another day or two and I should be good there as well!