Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pretty Muddy and MyFitU

A few months back I was invited to attend a Pretty Muddy event of my choice in exchange for a blog review. Being a huge fan of mud runs and the color pink, I jumped right on board! I will be attending Pretty Muddy Ohio on September 14, 1:30 wave and I chose to name my team of one: Barking Muddy. I am so excited, I.Love.MudRuns.
I did 3 mud runs last year, none were pink. I survived all three, but I did not complete every obstacle. Why? I was a new runner, working full time, and all I did was run. No weight training, occasional yoga. Mostly just running.
This is all fine and good, but this year, I plan to nail those obstacles. I have been doing some weight training, and some yoga, and a lot of running. I even joined WW to get my eating in check.
Last week I got an email from Pretty Muddy offering me a great deal! Three FREE months of MyFitU in exchange for blog reviews. Woot! Prayers answered!
I am so excited to know that I will be better prepared for this year's obstacle course! I know you are wondering, does MyFitU work? I know it does. How do I know, if I haven't started yet? Google a pic of Kenny Chesney's abs. I didn't need to, I am a fan, and I know his abs are rockin'. MyFitU was designed by Kenny's trainer, Daniel Meng.
I will be sure to give you weekly updates, but for now, you can check them out here:
Website (where you can sign up for a free two week trial!)
Facebook app center

oh, yes, there is an app, free to members. I am super excited about that, because I can do workouts on the fly, if I need to! This will come in handy when I am traveling in August for a Half Marathon!

Daniel training Kenny, pic provided by MyFitU

Today I registered for the 3 month program, and I gave my basic info, height and weight, exercise level, weight loss goal (they ask how much weight you want to lose, or if you want to tone, etc) and ask you to pick your recovery day. They provide you with a calorie target based on these questions (which lines up with WW, woot!) and then they map out your workout calendar.

Tomorrow is day one.

If you don't hear from me, send in the Marines. After all, I have seen pics of Kenny's abs, and I know what I am in for! I also know that I will be more than ready for the muddiest, pinkest day ever!

Have you ever done a mud run? Did you complete all the obstacles?

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