Friday, July 19, 2013

When Running Gets in the Way of.......Seussical?

Wayyyyy back in January I signed up to be a Guest Blogger for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half Marathon in Erie, PA. I am so excited about this race for so many reasons, from being a fan of the show to running a Half Marathon with former contestants. Being that I booked it so far in advance, I was sure there would be no conflicts.
I have a teenie.
I should have known better!
My teenie goes to a Performance Arts High School. She goes to school on a Naval Base. In a hangar. Don't even get me started there! She has always wanted to do a summer show, and this summer she got cast in Seussical. She gets to be a Bird Girl, which is fun. The best part? The director of this musical is a High School Student. Seriously. He does this every summer. He is pretty amazing. This play is also a fundraiser. He is asking for book donations to donate to a school that lost theirs in Superstorm Sandy.
What does this have to do with Biggest Loser? The play is on the day of the race. Oh yeah. I am now that Mom. The one who is going to miss her daughter's play. Hopefully they record it!
Oh, and if you are in the Toms River, NJ area and you like Seussical, you can order tickets here. They are $12 each.

If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss, like I am, and you have littlins, there is a great deal on Dr. Seuss books!

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When my kids were little, we had every Dr. Seuss book you can imagine. My daughter loved trying to sound out the words, and since they were nonsense words that was not always easy. We even had the cheesy plastic Dr. Seuss bookends. I miss those days!
Kind of like missing her play. Only different. Luckily, she is being a really good sport about this! In the past, I have gladly given things up that I knew would prevent me from seeing shows and concerts (no Princess Half Marathon for me for a few years, the Spring Musical is at the same time!) but for a small production she joined at the last minute, I am off the hook!

Have you ever missed an event because of a race?


  1. I've definitely missed things because of races-- I think I am at the point where most people in my life assume I can't do things on weekends because of races. SO they don't even ask much anymore. They've learned that they have to let me know way far in advance