Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finger bling! Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway!

*****I received a free Diamond Candle for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.*****

I am definitely one of those runners that run races for the bling. More than once, I have given in to friends asking me to run a race with them, solely because there would be a medal at the end. I am even doing Dopey! Well, that is for two reasons: the challenge....and the SIX medals I will get at the end! Who can resist such things?

When I first heard about Diamond Candles, I will admit, I was skeptical! I wondered about the ring, I wondered about the candle, I wondered about the whole thing. When I was offered the opportunity to review one through Girls Gone Sporty, I could not resist.
I am a bit of a candle snob, I tend to lean towards to specific brands: a mall store brand, and a home-show brand. They both burn well, they smell good, and they are dependable.
Let me stop here, though, and tell you a little more about  Diamond Candles! They are all natural soy candles, and inside each jar is a ring valued anywhere between $10 and $5000. The rings are kept safe inside the candle, don't you worry! They are in a plastic baggie, which is then wrapped in gold foil and placed inside the candle.

In the middle picture, you can see the gold circle. It is fairly close to the top, so you only have to wait a few (or 5) hours to get your ring!
When I placed my order, and saw what the retail price was, I wondered how big the candle would be. There is a ring in there, so it must be a small candle. I never realized I was so cynical! I need to work on that! It is a 21 ounce candle! I have some serious burn time in my future! It smells amazing, too. I chose Gingerbread, and the smell was very pleasant, not too strong, and it filled the whole house! My son actually thought I was making cookies!
A few more facts about these candles before the big reveal!
The wicks are made of cotton. They are not soaked in paraffin beforehand, and there are no metals in the wicks. The candles are 100% soy wax, and the wicks are dipped in soy wax. The soy beans are all grown in the USA as well! American farmers are providing them all, which helps the economy!
Can you stand it?
Are you dying to see the ring?
If you follow me on Instagram, you already have, I bet! After about 4-5 hours of burn time, my son could no longer stand it. He got a pair of tweezers, and started pulling at the foil, which was peeking out a little. He gave up, and went to bed, but I couldn't stand the suspense. I used the tweezers, and after a little tugging and wiggling, I pulled the foil free.
I made a bit if a mess, and did NOT take pics of that! Inside the foil was the little baggie, which needed to be cut open. Inside the baggie was my ring! It is soooo pretty and it fits really well on my ring finger. The color goes perfectly with the candle. Does this always happen? I don't know! I might have to buy one and see!
Isn't it pretty? I am so thrilled with my ring! Is it worth more than $10? Probably not! Do I care? Heck no! It is pretty, it looks great on my finger, it fits well, and it has a great story! Who can ask for more than that!
The candles come in a large selection of fragrances. I think I might try cupcake next!
The wonderful people at Diamond Candles want to give you a chance to win a candle for FREE! The contest will end in 18 days! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some ways for you to see some more beautiful rings, and fun stories about these candles:

What fragrance will you choose if you win?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Running With Oral IV.... with a giveaway!

****I was given two packages of Oral IV for the purposes of this review. I am in no way obligated to provide positive reviews. All opinions, as always, are my own. Thank you to my friends at Fit Approach for the opportunity! Sweat Pink!****
At the end of each month, I set my mileage goal for the next month. I base it on how many miles I will need to train for my next big race. When I set my goal for August....I added incorrectly and set my goal about 6 miles too high.
Here I am with just 3 runs left this month, and I have miles to make up! I am going to meet this goal! I decide to run 5 miles Today and Thursday, and a 5K on Saturday, and I will make it!
I woke up this morning feeling the after effects of last night's ice cream. I am lactose intolerant. Some days I can eat ice cream and some days I can't. This was definitely a can't kind of day! I decided to change my route to keep me closer to home, in case I started to feel worse. Luckily, that didn't happen!
I like to get my hydration in before I run these shorter runs, so that I don't have to carry a water bottle with me. Today, I gave myself a little something extra, by using Oral IV.

This is NOT a water substitute. As a matter of fact, I poured mine into my water this morning and drank half of it before my run and half of it after. It is perfect for runners, cross fitters (is that a thing?), cyclists, triathletes, etc. The ingredients are natural, there are no sugars or stimulants, it improves focus and concentration, increases endurance, and promotes faster recovery!
It has no taste, you would never have known that it was in there!
Did it help? I think so. I felt good, I was not as thirsty after my run as I sometimes get, even though I was sweating. A lot. I didn't get the headache I sometimes get after a hot and sweaty run either. Coincidence? Maybe. I am definitely going to continue to use these for my longer runs!

When you purchase your own, use code "fitness" at checkout for 10% off!
The wonderful people at Oral IV provided me with two packages, and I am going to share! I am also going to make it easy on you! 
Follow them at one of their social medias, and comment that you did so, and you are entered! Simple! I will choose the winner by random draw next Tuesday, September 3rd.
You can stalk them find them here:

Have you ever woken up and just *not* felt well enough to run? Did you run anyway?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dopey Training Week 8 and Runniversary Winners!

This week was a lazy week! I ran, and I planked. That's about it! I have updated my schedule to include Slim in 6 workouts, and I am going to look for some September Challenges. I am thinking arms and abs. Anyone care to join me? When I find them I will post the calendars here!
Back to this week's workouts! My legs were very achey this week from running the Biggest Loser Half, but I got it done!
Monday: a 2:00 plank and a dog walk!
Tuesday: I used my Zombies, Run! app to run sprints. My legs were achey and tired, and it was an ugly run. I also walked to all my errands that day, probable 1.5 miles, and I planked. No plank photo, I do them late, and I must have been too tired!
Wednesday: plank, and now that I am getting into longer planks, I have started reading Dan Brown's Inferno while I plank. It makes the time go faster!
Thursday: another ugly Zombie run. I stopped after the mission was over, at just over 2 miles. I just wasn't feeling it. I also had some tummy issues and I was worried about a flare up when I was too far from home! Planks are 2:30 now!

Friday: mall walk with the boy and the teenie. We were buying shoes for the boy, which is always painful, and I got another Disney Gift Card for Dopey weekend. Planked as well :)
Saturday: Sara's 5K. Sara is awesome! She runs this 5K every month, free of charge, and she gives out a couple prizes each month by random draw. You just need to run the 5K, take some pics, and post to the wall afterwards. If you decide to join us, tell her that Kim #383 sent you! She will give you a race number once you register for the year. I also planked, and played amateur photographer for the teenie. She is auditioning for Cats and needed a head shot.

doesn't she look so grown up! SO sad! lol

Sunday: Plank and a walk at the reservoir. We also attended a wedding reception for the hubs' niece, who was married in Arizona in May. No dancing, but the food was yummy :)
yes, I wore my Kermit Vans to walk. We were supposed to attend a baseball game but I messed up the time and we missed it!

Not a bad week overall, but it definitely leaves room for improvement! I have not been following WW either, so my weight loss has stalled. I got lots of compliments at the wedding, though, so I must be doing something right! The boy does not do family photos right now, so this is all you get to see!

On to the two winners of the Runniversary Pampered Chef Season's Best giveaway! I used to choose the winners and they are...........

and 4 am Runner

Congrats ladies!!! Email me at with your addresses and I will send them out asap!

What did you do this weekend??

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last Week In Workouts, Dopey Training Week 7

WOW! I cannot believe I have not posted week 7 yet! With the Biggest Loser Half, hosting a Pampered Chef party, and getting ready for the school year to start, I guess it just got away from me!

I planked every day this week, keeping up with the challenge at Runner Unleashed. That was about it, besides my run! Lazy, I know, I was tapering for the Biggest Loser and I was feeling lazy! I was also very sore from Sunday's duathlon!

Monday and Tuesday: Plank
Wednesday: Run with Cheryl. It was not a great run, I was so achey, but she pushed me to run an extra mile or two. I had planed on two runs, each 2 miles, that week, and ended up running both at once! Also planked!

Thursday: planked and packed. Packing is exercise, right? We had lots of errands to run as well, which took up the whole day!

Friday: We drove 8.5 hours to Erie, picked up my bib, and walked the beach. Some exercise, but not a lot! I also planked and made my Flat Mama!

 Saturday: plan, and the Biggest Loser Half! I PRd by 5 minutes!!!! After we chilled at the beach for awhile we went back to the hotel so I could shower, had lunch, and then hit the Zoo. Lots of walking, which was good for my achey hips!

Sunday: Another 8.5 hour drive home and a 2 minute plank. Not much overall, but I can check another week of Dopey Training off my list!!!

Are you training for a race right now?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, Erie Zoo Edition

they were loose in an enclosure, one hopped right across the sidewalk in front of us!

the hubs made me do it!

so I made him do this!

the one on the left kissed the one on the right! So sweet!

my dogs lay on the couch like this!

he wouldn't stop pacing!

Llama?!?! He's supposed to be dead!
Yeah. Weird.

And my friends never stood downwind!

cannot believe how close we were to these rhinos!

What is your favorite animal in the zoo?