Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dopey Challenge Week 5 and Vitacost ARO Black Series

****Vitacost provided me with product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. ***

This week was week five of my Dopey Training Plan! It was also a crazy busy week, but I managed to get all of my runs in, as well as a few extra workouts! The countdown to the duathlon is dwindling! One week from today will be my first ever duathlon! Woot!

Let's get down to this week's workouts!
Monday: 8.5 mile training ride, rough because I was sore from the mud run! I also did Slim in 6, and a beach walk!

 Tuesday: Zombie sprints!
 Wednesday: 2 mile ride, no picture though!
Thursday: Slim in 6, plank, plus I started a squat challenge and a sit up challenge, and a core challenge! Yikes! I hope I can keep up!
 Friday: 8.4 mile training ride, Slim in 6, plankaday (I am on day 119 today, think!)

 Saturday: beach yoga, and a trip to NYC...perfect together! I took the teenie to see Matilda, and we had a great time! Lots of walking, and a trip to Crumbs for cupcakes on the way back to Penn Station!

I rode to beach yoga. Overcast. but a nice breeze!
Sunday: so far, a Zombie run. I plan to do Slim in 6 later and attempt a pull up.  I am hoping to at least improve there!

About a month ago, I received some amazing Sports Supplements from Vitacost to try out, from their ARO Sports Supplements Line. They are all for recovery, which I LOVE, being a runner!
Aren't they pretty?
My kids were excited about the protein powder, especially being chocolate flavored! I was excited that it was lactose free, like me! It is also gluten free, which the teenie's friend loves! Just add water, and you have a nice creamy protein drink. LOVE! There are also no colors or dyes! SO thrilled about this! This a great drink for after a long run! I have a lot of those in my future, so I am excited to have this in my arsenal!

Glutamine in Natural Blue Razz flavor is amazing! Check out the color. Wait! There is no coloring! None of that nasty bright blue going on here. Just a small scoop of powder in 6-8 ounces of water, and you have a refreshing, blue razz recovery drink. I like this one after shorter runs and workouts. This one is also gluten free! The taste is not too strong, it is just right! Very refreshing, and you don't feel like you are drinking a recovery drink! Fabulous!

L Carnitine is a small, easy to swallow supplement that targets muscle health and cardio health at the same time! Perfect! It also enhances recovery! I am all for that! I take one of these after workouts for recovery.

I also received Creatine Raw from the Attack Series. This is unflavored, and you use a small scoop for in your 8 oz beverage. I drink 16 oz at a time, so I mix it in with my iced tea, and I am ready to go! I use this on the days when I a am working out. It really is unflavored, and it mixes in easily.

I am loving all of my new ARO products! Use this link for $10 off your purchase of $30 or more!
Which product would interest you the most?

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