Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finger bling! Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway!

*****I received a free Diamond Candle for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.*****

I am definitely one of those runners that run races for the bling. More than once, I have given in to friends asking me to run a race with them, solely because there would be a medal at the end. I am even doing Dopey! Well, that is for two reasons: the challenge....and the SIX medals I will get at the end! Who can resist such things?

When I first heard about Diamond Candles, I will admit, I was skeptical! I wondered about the ring, I wondered about the candle, I wondered about the whole thing. When I was offered the opportunity to review one through Girls Gone Sporty, I could not resist.
I am a bit of a candle snob, I tend to lean towards to specific brands: a mall store brand, and a home-show brand. They both burn well, they smell good, and they are dependable.
Let me stop here, though, and tell you a little more about  Diamond Candles! They are all natural soy candles, and inside each jar is a ring valued anywhere between $10 and $5000. The rings are kept safe inside the candle, don't you worry! They are in a plastic baggie, which is then wrapped in gold foil and placed inside the candle.

In the middle picture, you can see the gold circle. It is fairly close to the top, so you only have to wait a few (or 5) hours to get your ring!
When I placed my order, and saw what the retail price was, I wondered how big the candle would be. There is a ring in there, so it must be a small candle. I never realized I was so cynical! I need to work on that! It is a 21 ounce candle! I have some serious burn time in my future! It smells amazing, too. I chose Gingerbread, and the smell was very pleasant, not too strong, and it filled the whole house! My son actually thought I was making cookies!
A few more facts about these candles before the big reveal!
The wicks are made of cotton. They are not soaked in paraffin beforehand, and there are no metals in the wicks. The candles are 100% soy wax, and the wicks are dipped in soy wax. The soy beans are all grown in the USA as well! American farmers are providing them all, which helps the economy!
Can you stand it?
Are you dying to see the ring?
If you follow me on Instagram, you already have, I bet! After about 4-5 hours of burn time, my son could no longer stand it. He got a pair of tweezers, and started pulling at the foil, which was peeking out a little. He gave up, and went to bed, but I couldn't stand the suspense. I used the tweezers, and after a little tugging and wiggling, I pulled the foil free.
I made a bit if a mess, and did NOT take pics of that! Inside the foil was the little baggie, which needed to be cut open. Inside the baggie was my ring! It is soooo pretty and it fits really well on my ring finger. The color goes perfectly with the candle. Does this always happen? I don't know! I might have to buy one and see!
Isn't it pretty? I am so thrilled with my ring! Is it worth more than $10? Probably not! Do I care? Heck no! It is pretty, it looks great on my finger, it fits well, and it has a great story! Who can ask for more than that!
The candles come in a large selection of fragrances. I think I might try cupcake next!
The wonderful people at Diamond Candles want to give you a chance to win a candle for FREE! The contest will end in 18 days! Good Luck!

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Here are some ways for you to see some more beautiful rings, and fun stories about these candles:

What fragrance will you choose if you win?


  1. I'd choose Cinnamon Roll! :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

    1. yum! I considered Cinnamom Roll, but I was worried that it would make me crave Cinnabons! Good luck!

  2. What a neat idea!!! I love candles...and jewelry! ;-)

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    1. i removed my reply to Mindy, because it didn't post under her comment!

  4. Thank you for the review! To answer your question the rings are always completely random - you just lucked out with a matching color stone! :) Good luck with the give-away everyone!

    1. woohoo, I love that it was a coincidence, it makes me feel special ;)

  5. How exciting. I never get to enter your contests because I am at work! But I am off today! Cupcake yum!

    MAryalicia Verdecchia

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    1. oooohhhh that does sound good! Good luck!

  7. I've never had one!!! I'll probably choose something fall scented :D

    1. I love Fall scents! I just ordered a bunch of fall candles from a school fundraiser that I cannot wait to burn!