Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last Week In Workouts, Dopey Training Week 7

WOW! I cannot believe I have not posted week 7 yet! With the Biggest Loser Half, hosting a Pampered Chef party, and getting ready for the school year to start, I guess it just got away from me!

I planked every day this week, keeping up with the challenge at Runner Unleashed. That was about it, besides my run! Lazy, I know, I was tapering for the Biggest Loser and I was feeling lazy! I was also very sore from Sunday's duathlon!

Monday and Tuesday: Plank
Wednesday: Run with Cheryl. It was not a great run, I was so achey, but she pushed me to run an extra mile or two. I had planed on two runs, each 2 miles, that week, and ended up running both at once! Also planked!

Thursday: planked and packed. Packing is exercise, right? We had lots of errands to run as well, which took up the whole day!

Friday: We drove 8.5 hours to Erie, picked up my bib, and walked the beach. Some exercise, but not a lot! I also planked and made my Flat Mama!

 Saturday: plan, and the Biggest Loser Half! I PRd by 5 minutes!!!! After we chilled at the beach for awhile we went back to the hotel so I could shower, had lunch, and then hit the Zoo. Lots of walking, which was good for my achey hips!

Sunday: Another 8.5 hour drive home and a 2 minute plank. Not much overall, but I can check another week of Dopey Training off my list!!!

Are you training for a race right now?

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