Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tuckahoe Duathlon

I am so exhausted, so this will mostly be pictures! They say pictures tell 1000 words, so this should do!
I will say, the race was very disorganized at the start,  but there were amazing volunteers on the course, and I never once wondered where I needed to go. The directions were perfection! They did not close the road to traffic, however, and more than once I worried a bit for my life!

Getting my age and event written on my calf 

lucky #13

putting my bib number on my bike and helmet, asking those a round me just how to do that, lol. Such an amateur 

first 2 mile run, there weren't many duathletes, and they were all FAST! I finished in just under 21 minutes!

I was feeling pretty good at this point, lol

finishing up the ride, I pretty much wanted to die, but the girl behind me yelled out "#13, you are motivating me" which pushed me to finish the ride strong!

starting the last 2 mile run

my buddy from the first run cheered me on. She was finishing just as I was starting.

it really cheered me up, and helped me to start strong!

Approaching the finish. The hubs took about 30 approach shots, I picked the best 2!
almost to that precious mat!

DONE! 1:53

Have you done a du or a tri?


  1. So awesome!! Congratulations! I've only done one sprint tri but I'd love to do a duathlon. The swim is definitely my weakest part.

    1. Thanks! I am a horrible swimmer, so I was so happy that they had the duathlon option! A local race held in the fall lets you kayak instead of swim, so I am considering that for next fall. I guess I got bit by the bug!

  2. Awesome job!! I would love to do a duo sometime. That's a little scary that they didn't close the roads though! Love all the pics!!

    1. thank you :) The hubs took 75 pics, I pared them a tad, lol