Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 by the 5th

This month started Mommy Run Fast's Fall 5 (or 10) by the 5th Challenge. Every month, you run 5 or 10 miles before the 5th of that month! Quick! Sign up here!!!! Registration is FREE and there are prizes! Woot! You can also purchase coaching plans from an awesome runner, Laura!
This is my 2nd round of this event. The first round ran from January to June, and you could choose a 5K or 5 mile run each month. I went with 5 miles, for the challenge!
This time, I chose 10 miles. Why? Because I am insane. Nooooo, well, yes. With Dopey coming up, I need some long runs, and this fits the bill. Running Dopey does make me insane, but this challenge is just what I need! This week's Dopey training calls for an 11 mile weekend run. This weekend I am running the Brielle Day 10K for the second year, and it a super hilly race. When I finish, I am not going to want to run 5 more miles. No way. Not happening.
I decided to make my Tuesday run the 10 miler. Monday was rainy and miserable, Tuesday was just miserable. Very hot and sticky, even though the temperature was only 75*! There has been a lot of road work locally, so I didn't to risk a local run. Manasquan Reservoir is a 5 mile loop, trails mostly, but I was worried that it would be too hot. Brick Reservoir is usually breezy, so I went with that! Another great thing about Brick is that they have water coolers and paper cone cups on the path. It is a 1.6 mile loop, all paved, slight hills, and there are 5-6 coolers. The water is always cold, too. win win!
I got to the reservoir, put on my Running Buddy, which held my keys, phone, and Honey Stinger Waffle, and headed out. The breeze was nice, but it was so sticky! I stopped and took a pic during a bathroom break, at the 3.5 mile mark, and I was already dripping! This was also when I started to notice the clouds! UGH!
It looked more and more ominous and I worried that I wouldn't make it to 10 miles! At mile 6ish, I stopped to check the weather report. I was worried that my 10 mile would become 10K. No rain in the forecast, just clouds, so I kept going. 8 miles. 9 miles. 10 miles! Whew! I was a sweaty mess! Every inch of me was wet!

I stopped and drank 2 cones of water (I drank one at every mile, to stay hydrated!) and then headed over to their sit up/pull up bars. On the first of every month I try a pull up, in the hopes of succeeding. I missed the September 1st attempt, so I decided to try it. I DID IT!!!!!

I was so excited. Forget the 10 miles, I did a PULL UP!
In other exciting news, I mailed out the medals for my first ever, special order, logo medal, Virtual Race! I still have 23 left if anyone wants to join in! $15 gets you the medal, swag, and bragging rights! Pick your distance! To register, you only need to PayPal me at and incliude your home address!
the teenie and her friend E were so helpful! They stuffed bags and teenie helped me at the USPS.

I will be hosting a Fall Virtual Race, to benefit World Vision. If you saw Spirit of the Marathon II in theaters, you saw a clip about the program. I went right home and registered to run one of my Spring Halfs in their honor!

85% of the money they collect goes to providing wells in towns that have none! Many of the people in these towns walk hours for just a few buckets of water. Every day. Check out the website to see all that they do!
Sneak peek of the medal? Of course!
Isn't it fabulous! It will be a 5K or 5 mile race, and it will be held during the entire month of October! Check back for details!

Did you run this past weekend? How was the weather?


  1. So glad you got your 10 miles in before the rain!

    I did a 7.7 miler on Sunday. Longest run yet, and I was so happy!

    1. thanks! And way to go on 7.7! I remember the first time I ran that distance, and then every time I ran just a little longer, my body would ache at about the 7-8 mile mark. Sometimes, during halfs, it still does! Like my body is saying, hey! I liked 7 miles, why must you run further? lol

  2. Awesome job on your ten! And what a great idea for a race for World Vision- they are a fantastic organization.

    1. thanks Laura, I am excited about fundraising for this charity!