Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brielle Day 10k

Today I ran the Brielle Day 10k for the second year in a row. It is a horribly hilly race, which is painful because we don't have hills in Point Pleasant and I rarely train on them!
I was meeting a big group of my favorite people there, which always makes a race that much better! Add to that the perfect weather, and a PR is a very real possibility! I finished this race last year in 1:12 and my best 10k time is 1:09 in Trenton in November. Because of the hills, I was hoping to come close to 1:10 though! 
The race started at 9:00 and we headed off to brave he constant hills!

Eileen waved to the camera, and I managed a smile. Can you see me on the left, behind that big tall guy? Our friend Deirdre is off on the right, out of camera range. Eileen and Cheryl ran off and it was Deirde and I, neck and neck for 6.2 hilly, painful miles.
The highlight, as usual, was Dave the Trumpeter. He was at the top of another crazy hill, just like at last week's race, and at the bottom of a hill later in the race. I liked him much better when he was at the bottom of the hill!
I finished my first mile in 10 minutes, and worried that I had gone out too fast. I knew that the hills to come would make me want my mommy, and I was right! They were killer!
My favorite part of this race is one particular neighborhood, that has water tables set up and all kinds of crazy signs rooting for their family members that are racing. They had your typical race signs, but my fave this year was one that said "For a good time, catch the fast girl"
As we approached the last hill, my Runtastic app told me that my time at the 6 mile marker was 1:04. What?!?!?
I felt like I had wings after that! I was so excited to think that I might PR. For some reason, I thought my Trenton time was 1:06, and I *really* wanted to beat that time. I was so tired, and as I rounded the last corner and entered the park where the finish line was, I worried that I wouldn't make it! Deirdre passed me at this point, and we both finished under 1:06! Holy heck!

Official time: 1:05:38
Can you say ecstatic?

Cheryl's super speedy brother got 1st in his age group (woohooo Ryan!) and her Mom got 3rd in her age group (go Ronnie go Ronnie). It was a great race day for everyone! We ALL PR'd! 
Ryan, Cheryl, Me, Eileen, Ronnie. Deirdre was not there for the pic :(

After I did a little Mom's Taxi driving, and took a nice hot shower, the hubs and I headed to the bay for some relaxation!

Perfect end to a perfect day! It was also the end of week 10 of Dopey training!

Tomorrow is Color Me Rad in Baltimore! Woohoo!

Are you racing this weekend?


  1. HEY! First of all, congrats on the PR -- that's awesome! Secondly, I'm SOOO sorry I missed you at the race on Saturday! That's too funny that you saw me (and recognized me without the sparkly skirt, LOL). I decided to give myself a few days off after Dumbo before I dive right into my hard-core Dopey training (yikes), so I skipped this race and decided to just cheer on the BF. It was my first time spectating a race. It definitely looked like a fun time -- maybe next year! :-D

    1. I figured that was why you weren't running! Good luck with the Dopey training, I am on week 11 of the Galloway plan right now, and trying REAL: hard not to think about it too much. Those 48.6 miles are daunting, and if I don't think too hard, I will be good to go!

  2. Thank you, same to you! I've been following along, and sounds like you're doing awesome with your training thus far! It's definitely daunting (oh, who am I kidding, it's scary as hell), but you're right -- as long as we put in the work and definitely NOT think about it, we'll be fine! :)

    1. :) we will both rock it out! I hope you are already planning your costumes! I have picked mine, and am working on putting them together now! LOTS of sparkly running skirts are involved, you will be so proud!