Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dopey Challenge Training, Week 12

What a crazy week! I am so glad that my knee os finally showing some improvement!  I was still taking it easy during the week, though, so my workouts are not so impressive!
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: plank and a dog walk each day. See? Not impressive, lol
Thursday: 8 mile bike ride, because I felt like a lazy lump! I also ran 3/4 mile with the hubs that night, to test the knee! NO pain!

Friday: lots of errands, including getting Nugget groomed. All the fast walking had my knee aching! Oh NO! I had a double race weekend starting! Yikes! I also planked and we walked the dogs.
 Saturday: Run Now, Wine Later 5K. It was a great race, my time wasn't bad, and my knee gave me very little trouble! Woohoo! We also rode our bikes, walked the dogs, and I planked.

 Sunday: Sloppy Cuckoo Trail Half Marathon. OUCH! I ached, I still ache! I also walked around the Bloomsburg Fair while the Teenie and her friend E saw Hunter Hayes in concert. Oh, and I planked.

Not a terrible week, all in all, but not great. It was my first back to back running weekend for the training plan I am using for Dopey, and I lived!
I am adding Kettlebells to my routine this week. I love Kettlebells and I have a great 12 week program to follow by RKC. I bought this plan *years* ago and have never finished all 12 weeks. I can't wait to see how much stronger I am by the end of the 12 weeks. I am such a fan of Kettlebells, and I haven't used them in such a long time!

What did you do this week to keep your body moving?


  1. Last week wasn't phenomenal for me, either. A combination of bad weather and being tired. I'm back to it, though and will hopefully have a much more awesome week.

    You're doing great. Good luck with the kettlebells!

    1. thanks Jennifer! Hope you have a better week coming up as well!