Monday, September 16, 2013

Dopey Training week 11, an Injury, and a DNS

This post has been days in the making, but I have just dreaded it!
After the awesome Brielle 10K last week, and missing Color Me Rad, I also noticed a pain in my knee and calf. On Tuesday and Thursday, I tried running anyway, and it was a mangled, short mess. I have walked, half ran 2 miles and limped home. I did not run again. I may not run tomorrow!
Over the weekend, I was supposed to participate in Pretty Muddy, in Ohio. When I first signed up for this race, it was being held in Columbus, an 8 hour drive. I was so excited to be invited as an Ambassador, that I didn't care. I just wanted to participate! Later, the race was moved. Another 2 hours away. With no local hotels, save one, and it did not look promising. The hubs kept protesting, I kept getting mad. Then the injury happened and it was a no brainer. I moped around all weekend, for the most part.
The hubs did take me on a mercy lunch date to Asbury Park, but it didn't help.
I was so upset about this knee injury. I have 5 Halfs coming up, and although I am more than willing to walk every one of them, I am also worried about Dopey! UGH!
Luckily, The pain has started to subside! Hooray! I don't start getting achey until night time,  and it doesn't hurt to walk anymore. Woohoo! I bought myself some happy lime green KT tape for this weekend's races, and I will hopefully get through them both!
I will keep you posted on my races this weekend, and the awesomely unique medals I will getting at both of them! I love getting medals at a 5K, and Sunday's Half is a Trail Race with beer and hot pretzels. One the course. Seriously. I am not a beer drinker, but hot pretzels? Bring em on!
I will also be taking part in a fun new program, Fitness Pen Pals. Actual mail, people! I love actual mail! I will keep you updated on that as well!

Did you ever just shrivel up and die from being coach-bound after an injury? Did you watch 2 seasons of Walking Dead one.after.the.other. like I did?


  1. After my first half I had such bad tendonitis in my foot I could hardly walk for a good 2 weeks.....I was so pissed. Feel better soon!!!!

    1. Thanks :) I was so angry the first few days, now I am just sad! I cannot wait to run again!

  2. It's almost like I could have written this entry! I just had an entry that I didn't want to write and I'm putting off Part 2. So sorry about your knee :( My toe had been doing o.k. but I was SO nervous about Rock 'n' Roll Philly...but I told myself I'd walk if I had to! I did have to walk about 1/3 of it but I'm happy with how I did and that I did it :) Feel better and good luck in your upcoming races!

    1. I loved running RnR Philly last year! Glad it went well for you! Hope your toe feels better soon, injuries suck! Thanks for the luck, I might need it!