Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dopey Training Week 9!

I feel like I am finally getting in the groove again! August definitely ended with a full workout week! I chose some challenges to add to my September Calendar as well, which should help to keep me on track! I also have some races coming up for September, which is exciting!
First, the workouts!

Monday: plankaday, Slim in 6, Ramp It Up, and yoga with Rodney Yee

 Tuesday: SORE from Slim in 6! 5 mile run, to make up my math error when I set my August mileage goal, yoga with Rodney Yee, and plankaday. The run was rough, sue to some tummy issues, but I got through it!!

 Wednesday: Slim in 6, Ramp It Up, which I felt in all those sore muscles! plankaday and yoga with Rodney Yee

 Thursday: 10K run with my friend Cheryl, a nice out and back, and so glad she went with me, or I might have bailed! Plankaday as well. Sore throat started, and lasted 2 days!

Friday: plankaday, but a quick one! Rested for the hilly 5 K I would be doing on Saturday!
Saturday: I ran Saturday in the Park, a hilly 5K. I didn't know it was all grass and dirt roads! It took a toll on my hips, but I got it done! It is always nice to race with friends, and I had several there with me! I love how full my planner looked at the end of August! Plankaday was quick again!

September should be a fun month! I chose these challenges to keep me on track:
August's challenge!

From Runner Unleashed

Race Addict's Challenge:

Shrinking Jeans' January calendar, recycled!

I also have some great races planned:

What do you have planned for September?


  1. You have a lot of fun races and challenges coming up! That's exciting!

    I am doing a fun run tomorrow but then I'm wrapping up training for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Eek!

    1. I am excited! You must be so excited about TOT! I am thinking of doing that or Wine and Dine one of these years, after I survive Dopey!