Saturday, September 21, 2013

Run Now, Wine Later 5K

This post is brought to you by the numbers 5K, and 3.1, and the letters B (for Bengay).  It is not, however, brought to you by the letters KT, because I left the tape at home!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!
For the last 2 weeks, I have been sitting around, resting my knee, after I injured it at the Brielle Day 10K. I knew that I would be running the Sloppy Cuckoo Half on Sunday, but during the week, I was coerced into running a 5K today.
And by coerced, I mean that my running buddy Eileen Facebooked me a coupon code and a pic of the bling. Yeah. Didn't take much arm twisting. My Dopey training called for a 3-4 mile walk today anyway, the first double weekend run of the training schedule. I *had* to run. Why not get some bling? Right?
Last night, I got some shout outs from my running friends, just what I needed for some extra motivation!

I dragged the teenie out of bed early (she needed a ride to rehearsal which meant she had to come with me) and we set out for New Hope, PA around 6:45 this morning. It was dismal looking out, and I hoped it would be a dry race! By the time we got to New Hope, it was so foggy that you couldn't see the water below the creepy metal bridge you have to cross to get there! Yikes!
We parked the car, and headed to packet pickup, where I figured we would find Eileen. They only give you the bib at pick up, you got the shirt at the finish, so it was a quick pickup!
We posed for the obligatory pre-race photo, and then hung around until it was time to start.
We walked down the hill (read: the race starts uphill) to the start, and got ready to race. Eileen told me to set the pace, since I was worried about my knee, and she would stay with me. LOVE it. My running friends are awesome. We decided to run without music, so I started the Runtastic app, and stuck my iPhone into my Running Buddy, and started off. We started running up the first of many hills, and I was ecstatic that I felt no pain. New Hope is amazingly beautiful and the time just zipped by. Every time I saw a mile marker I was amazed!

Since I wasn't plugged in to my iPhone, I had no idea how my time was. I figured about a 12 minute mile since I wasn't winded, and I thought I was taking it easy. During the last 3/4 mile, Eileen pulled ahead and finished strong at 31:30 and I followed right behind at 32:35! That is a 10:30 pace! Imagine how well we would have done if I actually tried! OMG!
The volunteers handed out water bottles and our medals, and then we headed in to the Wine Festival.
Isn't it fabulous? I always wanted a medal like this, and I don't even drink!
They had crazy amounts of food, in addition to the wine. We started with soft pretzels, and then added a few sugary delights. There was also fruit and cheese. It was quite a spread!
Yeah, I ate all of that!
We got all turned around walking back to the parking lot (it did not finish near the start) so we got a bit more walking in! It really was a perfect race, not bad considering it was an Inaugural event!
After getting lost (again!) on the way back, and wasting 30 minutes, I dropped the teenie off at her play rehearsal, and came home. The hubs came home from his morning of dirt biking, and wanted to go on a bike ride. Our neighboring town (we are Point Boro, they are Point Beach) was having a Seafood Festival, and he wanted to go. OK, I *hate* seafood, but I figured why not?
There were THOUSANDS of people in that little part of that little town. Mostly Bennys (a local term, picture the cast of MTVs Jersey Shore, and you will totally get it) and they were so rude. Pushing, shoving, trying to cut in line. It was chaos.
We managed to get some Butterfly Fries and a soda and then sat in a doorway to eat them.
the line was insane, no Root beer for us!

heaven. SO potato-y and delicious!

We stopped for some chocolate after that and then left. It was just too nuts!
What a crazy day! I still have laundry to do, and packing for tomorrow!
Tomorrow I run the Sloppy Cuckoo Trail Half Marathon in Philadelphia, then I take the teenie and her friend E to my Mom's so they can see Hunter Hayes at the Bloomsburg Fair. I am just gonna wander about and check out my Mom's Flower Club display. They got 2nd overall! Woohooo Mom!!! They always do such a beautiful job but I don't always get to see the real thing! SO excited!
I will take lots of pics tomorrow, I hope! Oh, and I will remember the KT Tape for tomorrow! I don't want to re-injure my knee!

Is it Fall yet where you live? Do you prefer Fall for running?


  1. Would have loved to run this one! I love running in fall! and the fall flavors and smells- yum!


    1. You would have loved it, it was a great race! I love races in the Fall, with the changing leaves!