Monday, September 2, 2013

TV Show and Movie Workouts

Have you ever played a drinking game? You watch a movie, and every time someones says something particular (Maybe "shark" when you are watching Jaws) you take a drink.
These workouts are just like that. Well, except you exercise. So, maybe not quite the same! Anyway......
With the new fall shows about to start, it got me thinking of starting these back up! I think I need to find one for Pride and Prejudice, which is my favorite of all time. The series, not the movie. With Colin Firth. :::::sigh:::::
These are some of my favorites, one of them my teenie and I made up, and the rest we found on google or Pinterest.

What's your favorite TV Show/movie workout? I could use some new inspiration!


  1. I like the Doctor Who one and the Walking Dead ones too. :) These are pretty good!

    1. I still have to start Walking Dead! My daughter is a huge Whoovian, but I haven't watched it yet!

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