Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#FierceFund Traveling Blue Wig Project

Have you ever felt fierce? Come on, there has to be one time at least, we all have them! When I saw this project, I immediately thought of my 2013 goal to run 13 Half Marathons in one year. There were times I wanted to give up, times I wanted to blow off training runs, and I still can't properly cross train, but every time I show up at a race I know. Run, walk, or crawl, I will finish!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, a quick peek at my first 11 Half Marathons, and a look forward at the two that will complete my journey!

Race #1: Barking Mad Virtual Half. I did this alone. In the snow. February 16, and it was an easy enough run, once you count out the slippery ground. I know, Jersey doesn't get *real* snow, but it does get slippery for a little while before the sun comes back out!
Race #2: Rock n Roll USA. This was held in Washington DC, which is a beautiful place to run, until you start looking at the hills. Jersey is flat, peeps, and DC is not. My time was average for me, and I finished, so woohooo! I looked cute, too!
 Race #3: E Murray Todd. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it. This was #2 and DC was #3. Anyway....It was bitter cold, and super hilly, and it kicked our butts. My friend Eileen ran with me, and we even bumped into my new (at the time) friend Lisa on the course. Great race overall, but no bling! Huh? We did score a jar of the Biscoff spread though. Bonus! It took almost 3 hours to finish though. For real. The hills will killer and in the end we were walking. Oh well. We finished!
Race #4: April Fool's Half. Atlanti City. Girls' weekend. Need I say more? Colleen has just run Princess, so we took it easy. Eileen kicked butt, and I think she even PRd. A beautiful, flat course!
 Race #5: Runapalooza in Asbury Park NJ. I was so excited to run this nice flat course, but I did something to my knee at mile 10 and walked most of the last 3 miles. Epic Fail on time, totally Fierce Finish! Oh, and we had cupcakes afterwards!

Race #6: Long Branch Half, which is part of the New Jersey Marathon! This was my second year running this race. After getting stuck in traffic, and starting alone 16 minutes late (so glad it was chip timed) I managed to PR for that course, but my bum knee from the previous race slowed me down after mile 11. Tearful, Fierce finish! Photo op with Lisa!
Race #7: Super Hero Half. HOLY RAIN BATMAN! It rained for the entire race, in buckets. It was miserable, but my Facebook friend Maryalicia came all the way from Washington state to run with me, and we had a blast! Eileen PRd again, and we got  photo op with some other Fanatics.
Race #8: Biggest Loser. My PR for the season, amazing day all around, getting to meet Dan Evans and have him give me a shout out on stage, kudos for my races thus far, and a beautiful flat course. Erie PA is amazing!
Race #9: Sloppy Cuckoo. This was a trail race. Mud, hills, puddles, tree limbs, insanity. PLUS I injured my knee in a 10K and was all tapes up. It took us close to 4 hours to finish, but finish we did! I cannot wait to try that bad boy again next year! Eileen was awesome, truly motivating! What a great day!

Race #10: Rock n Roll Providence. My knee still hurt and Providence is HILLY. It is also beautiful. On the first hill, I also injured my hip/glute area and gimped for 13.1 miles. It was worth every minute, and it wasn't even my worst time all year, which was a bonus. Plus, I got to meet up with a large group of Fanatics, and Jen, a fellow blogger!

Race #11: Atlantic City Half. I thought this would be flat, like April Fool's. Not so much. 4 hills. 30 mph winds. Slow finish. The knee keeps improving, which is a good sign! Eileen did well, and beat me by 20 minutes!

So, what's in store for #12 and lucky #13?
Hat Trick: a 5K and 10K on Saturday and Half on Sunday!

I did the 10K last year and look forward to making the half #13

I must admit, I am feeling pretty Fierce! I gladly donned the Traveling Blue Wig, and my teenie did too. She just ran a 5K and beat her best time by 4 minutes! That's pretty Fierce! 
The dogs? Well, they put up with us hoomans every day, so that alone is pretty Fierce!

SO, the big question is, what can you all do to help? Check out Fierce Fund at Clever Girls Collective, and vote! One lucky winner will receive $20,000 from #FierceFund, to keep them on the road to helping women! Who are the nominees?

Hard to decide, isn't it? Get on over and VOTE!

What have you done lately that made 
you feel Fierce?