Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monster Dash 5K, year 3

There are a handful of races I have done more than once, and the Monster Dash is quickly becoming one of those races! I ran it for the first time in 2011 during a Nor'Easter. It was windy, cold, and sandy. And miserable! They cut the course short and it still took me forever to finish! It was also at the start of my Couch to 5K training! I wore only a cape, no real costume, for my first try at this local race!
before the race. Cheryl (in the middle) bailed!

with fellow Sparkers after the race

Last year, it was warm and sunny, and 2 days later Super Storm Sandy destroyed the very boardwalk we ran on. I had a great time, a great pace, and went home very happily, with my door prize Candlestick with 2 candles that melted "blood". They came in very handy during the storm when the power went out!
with my Super Peeps
This year, I decided to test out my Disney Marathon Weekend Etch a Sketch costume.

 I met some friends there, and got on line to pick up my bib. Which they didn't have.
Check out the registration date. I age well. Oh, and I am 40 peeps. Just saying.
SO, I got on a new line to get my bib, and was told repeatedly that they were using the honor system, as if I was cheating them. I pulled up my registration and they sang a new tune.
I dumped my swag bag (tee and a mylar wrap, which was in a lil ziploc bag. I will be saving that for a future race!) in the car and hung with my girls until the race started.
The race was a nice course, my legs were fine for the first mile (9:26 ish) but then my shins started to ache, and my legs started to feel heavy. I hit mile 2 at about 21:00 which was awesome, but I knew it was going to get worse.
We ran the last mile behind a 6 year old boy running with his mom. Yeah, he smoked us. The boardwalk is a lil mushy in some areas, which I hate, but I sprinted as best I could and finished around 33:40. Not my best, but who cares? It was a fun race!

On to the prizes. First they gave out the finisher trophies, and two of my friends won an age group prize! My friend's daughter was actually fourth overall, at the rope old age of 13! Woot!
Then came the costume prizes. Now, don't get me wrong, I love dogs, but a dog should not win a costume prize at a race. I was unthrilled. Then, a guy won for dressing as Richard Simmons. Wig and all. It was brilliant. He even wore leg warmers. BUT. After the race, he took it off, and when he came, undressed, to collect his trophy, they wouldn't give it to him! What?!?!
Un thrilled.
An Instagram friend of mine won best couple with her hubs, though, which made me happy. They were the tooth fairy and a tooth. SO cute. She looked gorgeous!
It was a fun day, and now I must prepare for my next costumed event: Rocky Horror! The teenie and her friend want to go, but they are too young to go unattended (they are 16!!) so my friend Pam and I are taking them. I am going as Magenta, the teenie will be Frankenfurter, her friend E is going as a Floor Show member, and Pam will be Janet (dammit).
Pics tomorrow!

Have you ever seen Rocky Horror live?


  1. I lost to a guy wearing only a Halo- Audience applause wins and if you got the friends there..well. At least the race was fun right?!

    1. Well that just stinks! You would get my vote every time ;)
      The race was fun, and that is what really matters! Great time with great gals!