Saturday, October 19, 2013

Runner's World 5K and 10K

Friday evening, the hubs and I climbed into the Jeep to make the trek to Bethlehem, PA for the Runner's World Magazine's Hat Trick.
What is a Hat Trick? You run a 5K and a 10K on Saturday, and a Half Marathon on Sunday! It's like Dopey, without the marathon! Friday night was the expo, but it only ran until 7 and I worked until just after 4. Yikes! It was an almost 2 hour drive, so we were cutting it close. We plugged the address into the gps and I was thrilled to see a projected arrival of 6:05 pm! Woohoo!
Cue the traffic!
We arrived at almost 6:40! The line to park was immense, so the hubs dropped me off and waited for me to pick up my bib and swag. I got 2 tech tees and a hat, and Deer Park gave out light blue gloves made from recycled water bottles! SO cool. I also snagged a frisbee from a local restaurant filled with tortilla chips. Other than that, the expo was kinda small. I rarely shop at expos, and most of the tables were for race-cations or companies that didn't interest me. LOTS of people there! It was a little crowded, but not too nuts. You did have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get there. Perhaps a sign of things to come?
We rolled out of bed Saturday morning at the butt crack of dawn, to take the ride back to Bethlehem. We are staying at my parents' house, but we are still about 90 minutes away. We were in the car by 5:20 and on the road. There was practically no traffic, and we cruised right in. The hubs dropped me off again and parked the car, so he could meet me at the finish. He tried for a nap, but I guess it wasn't happening!
I met up with a fellow Swirlgear Sister for a photo op, and then headed for the corrals to find my friend Danielle. We have only met via Facebook, and I was wearing my jacket instead of the shirt I told her about, so it took us a few minutes and a Facebook status to hook up.
Danielle is faster than me, so she took off right away and we met up again at the finish. The course was very hilly, and very beautiful. The historic portion of the town is just amazing, and the trees are all decked out in their Fall leaves. It looks like a magazine shoot everywhere you turn! Amazing!
I finished in a pretty respectable time...33:04 with an average pace of 10:37. Not bad for a gimp who hates hills!

Not too shabby. AND you get bling! Woot! I met up with Danielle for a photo op, and then we hit the porta potties before round 2.
We lined up for the 10K, and this time Danielle stayed with me. She is training for MCM and needed to slow down a bit. I didn't want to push hard because I want to do well in the Half tomorrow. It worked out well for both of us. The hills were just as bad worse for the 10K, or maybe just more hills. We walked one of them but I tried to run them all. The scenery was just as amazing, and we saw a few crazy things, and had an amazing time. I really enjoyed running with Danielle, and cannot wait to run with Danielle and Gigi tomorrow!
We hammed it up for lots of cameramen and crossed the finish line holding hands. What a fun race! we collected our medal (identical the the 5K, except it said 10K) and grabbed some food and went looking for the hubs so he could take our pic.
We bumped into Jen, who was wearing the same sparkly skirt that I was! I love that I never see her in Jersey, but have had much better luck in other states! One of the course photographers took our pic, so be on the lookout!

I collected the hubs and we started the walk to the car. It happened to lead us straight through the Sand's Casino! I love me some slot machines. The hubs was telling me how he won $30 playing Willy Wonka slots, and kept me distracted from the real surprise. CREPES!!! They had a Crepery, and I had a delectable Nutella and fresh strawberry crepe! OMG it was so good! I also got myself a chocolate milk, since I can only enjoy them after long races due to my lactose intolerance. (I am not a fan of meds, so I will not take a Lactaid just to drink chocolate milk. Sad, but true!)
Funny story, the girl who made my crepe saw my medal and asked me if I won. Ha! I wish! SO not a runner! Of course, I had to take pics of the entire crepe making process.
I am a little achey right now, as I type this up. I am chilling with my Mom while the hubs goes buggy riding with my Dad. And by buggy I mean a Polaris UTV. Very manly lol.
stock photo, not the exact UTV but close enough

After they are done being manly, we will go out to combine carb loading with my parents' Anniversary at the Olive Garden. Woot!
What did you do this weekend to get your body moving?


  1. Hey those are some great times for a 5k and a 10k! And my hubby would have totally tried to distract me from the crepes as well lol.

  2. Thanks! They weren't my worst or my best, but not too bad. I wish I had held back a little though, lol. Sunday was rough on my legs!

  3. Congrats, those are awesome times! Um, yeah, I saw the crepes, too, on Sunday...took everything I had not to give in. Haha. Also, I'm newly obsessed with paying a visit to Olive Garden before races, LOL.

    1. thanks :) you have better control than I do, but at least I got strawberries lol. I only ate maybe 1/3 of it, it was enormous!