Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

I am so excited to have this challenge starting soon. November 17th, to be exact! I started doing this challenge last Holiday Season, and did the Spring Challenge as well. It is a great way to help you stay motivated to eat well during the Holidays, and too keep you off of the couch!
When you sign up (it is not free, but it is not expensive either), you get:
  • Over $3,000 in prizes again
  • Expert interviews with registered dieticians, world class running coaches, Ironman coaches, physical therapists and more
  • Weekly emails with tips pulled from the expert videos
  • Facebook support group - This group is like no other! Everyone checks in daily and provides a true support system
  • Optional 8 week training plan to get you through the holidays
 I have won a prize booth times! I won capri yoga pants in the winter and a sports bra in the Spring (the teenie stole it, though!)
How does it work? 
For less than the cost of a 1 month gym membership:
  • Earn points for being active
  • Earn points for eating your veggies
  • Compete against people at the same level as you
  • Enjoy an awesome support network
  • Have questions answered by experts
  • Meet other like minded folks to help you stay on track
  • Win Prizes!! Just a few of the brands featured below!
  • Clean Eating Holiday Menu ideas
  • Receive daily clean eating email tips {optional}
  • Receive an 8 week training plan with ideas for getting family involved and time crunched workouts {optional}
Some of the prizes are coming from Champion, Oakley, Asics, Vega, Timex, and more! It is a great motivational tool that couldn't come at a better time for me! I am really struggling with my diet and I tend to blow off any exercise other than my running! 
When you decide to sign up, mention that I sent you and be sure to let me know you are participating so we can cheer each other on! You won't be sorry! I find this challenge to be far more effective than that 4% weight loss challenge. I LOVE it!

Will you be doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge?