Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Training, Michelle Bridges Style

Dopey Training Week 18 is in the books, but for the first time, I think, I missed a run. I have been feeling so run down! I hate that feeling, but i know that rest is my friend, and so I rested. A few times. UGH.
The week started off great, with  a 50 minute workout with Michelle Bridges, as part of her 12 Week Body Transformation.  It was an awesome Cardio workout, about 50 minutes long, and it kicked my butt! It was called Earn the Burn, and I think I earned it! I thought I would be advanced, but I dropped down to intermediate for a few exercises and by the end, I was dropping down to beginner for a few as well. Ouch! I also planked and walked a mile.
Tuesday, I ran 3.1 miles and then did the Mish-on Possible workout (I think that's what it was called, it was so tough I have blocked it out!) It was a toning video, using light weights, and it kicked my butt! Lots of squats, and other vicious items to make you sweat and tone. I also planked ;)
Wednesday was a rest day, I planked and that is about it. Thursday was Halloween, and I ran around like a chicken all day, starting to feel run down and miserable. Everything I did wore me out, and by the time Trick or Treaters started coming I was just done! We had over 125,  lots of creative costumes! The teenie also started feeling yucky on Thursday and she missed school on Friday. We watched TV most of the day, a box of tissues was our best friend!

Friday I was still feeling tired, so I planked, and did some crunches. Same for Saturday. Lots of errands on Saturday, which wore me out, so no formal exercise but lots of steps. I also planked and did my crunches. I found an old ab challenge that I am doing to help combat the damage I am doing with my diet. More about that later!
Sunday was the Turkey Tune Up 5K. I also needed to run my 10 miles for the Fall 5 and 10 that Mommy Run Fast is hosting. The Virtual event runs from September to December and you run either 5 or 10 miles each month, in one run, before the 5th of the month. Make sense? Like a bonehead, I chose 10 miles. It makes sense, in that I am training for a marathon, and yet it always seems to fall on the worst day! I enlisted my friend Colleen, who is running Dopey with me, and was running the 5K with me, to help me hit the 10. She said she wanted to run 15. Okay. I will run 15, too, I say. You know, because I am not exhausted already, ya know?
So, we run the 5K. I forgot my watch, but Colleen had hers. Good thing, because we started out way too fast, at a 9:30 paces. We never would have made it to the end of 15 miles at that rate! It was also freezing, and I wore the race sweatshirt to race! I never do that, superstitious in that respect, but I did it that morning! We finished around 34 minutes, and hung around to see my little friend R get her trophy. She is 13, and was second female. She is awesome. Then we hung around to see who won the raffle. I won a prize! My teenie was very happy to take the perfume set off my hands!
After a little ore stalling we headed out for the rest of our run. We headed towards my neighborhood so I could ditch the sweatshirt and put on a long sleeved running shirt. Then we crossed one of our bridges, ran through a neighboring town, and over the other bridge. A few laps around a park, a 3 mile ruin through the only hills our town has, and back to our cars. We had to do a few laps around the HS track to hit the mileage, but we finally finished and headed back to our cars.
Not terrible. A nice 13 minute mile average, which is perfect for Dopey. I ached a little afterwards but not too much. We laughed about how tough it is to run that distance in our little town. Our town is only 2.5 square miles, so the long runs get a little hairy.
We ended our day with hibachi! I love hibachi, and the teenie brought her friend K, and Colleen joined us, and we had *the best* chef. He was hysterical, and we laughed the whole time he was cooking!
We also scored a $10 discount when we checked into yelp! Woot!

Not a terrible week, considering I was (and still kind of am) feeling run down. The worst part? I eat terribly when I am sick. Total comfort food, and the Halloween candy didn't help. The kids gave me a bunch of Reese's cups and I inhaled them. Then I won a mason jar full of Hershey nuggets from a local store event, and inhaled them. Then the hubs took em to Crumbs and I ate a cupcake. And then the next day I ate my son's. Are you getting the picture?
I am my own worst enemy when it comes to food. Can I eat well? Yup. Do I choose to?  Rarely. I will do well for a few days and then go nuts for 2 days. UGH.
I have made myself a promise today, that I will buck up and start eating well again. I can't help but wonder if I would feel less run down if I had kept eating well, instead of eating poorly.
This starts week 2 of the Michelle Bridges program and I look forward to my workout tomorrow. To prevent feeling run down all week long, I am not going to do her videos on running days, until I start to perk up a little. I will do her videos on my non-running days instead. I am hoping that this is my body fighting off the cold that we had all week, and not the vomiting that my Wonder Twins and their mom have all been sharing!

Are there any crazy illnesses running rampant through your family right now?

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