Monday, December 16, 2013

2014: Races I want to do! Part 1

The other day, I posted about races I have scheduled for 2014! I am totally looking forward to those races, but there is a whole list of races that I hope to do as well! Most are not open for registration yet, so they are on my to-do list!
It is extensive, so get comfy!

Halfway to Brielle Day 5K. This is always a cold race, and very hilly, and I love running with my friends! This past year we got a long sleeved tee *and* a sweatshirt! Bonus

Celtic Tribute 5K, which benefits a scholarship fund in the name of Fallen Officers. This runs along the ocean in Long Branch. It is also a cold race, but it is not hilly!

St. Barnabas Blue Claws 5K. I am waiting on a date for this one, and I fear it will fall on a weekend that I am already racing. It is a fun course, and you end in Blue Claws Stadium, which I love! I did this 2 years ago, but couldn't go this past year!
Spring Lake Five. I have done this race the last two years. It was super hot 2 years ago and people were vomiting everywhere! This past year it was cool and breezy and a little damp! Both races were awesome, and I loved every minute of them! It is super hard to get into, and this year they are changing the process, so I hope I get in! It sells out faster than a Disney race. For real.
Father's Day 5K. This race runs right past my house, and we have been watching it go by for almost 13 years! My FIL has run it, and we would cheer as he went by. The past 2 years I ran it, and it is a great, fast, flat course! Even better? It now benefits melanoma research in the name of a friend who has passed, Kevin.
Firecracker Five. This race is a hot mess, run on July 4th. It is hilly, and it is hot, and it is sloppy. I love it! I ran it for the past two years and look forward to a third year! It is held in Wall Township, and part of the course is a great park that our running club uses to hold its Summer Series. Oh, yeah, they give all the gals roses when they finish. Bling baby!
This brings me to the Summer Series. Jersey Shore Running Club hosts this series every summer. It consists of 5 weeks of racing, held on Thursday nights, and you get points for finishing. The better your finish (age group or overall), the more points you get. It is $20 for the whole series, and there are weekly prizes and overall prizes. I loved it two years ago, but this past summer the dates were bad, so I didn't do it. I am hoping for better luck this year! Two years ago, I won this super sexy bucket hat for being 2nd overall in my age group (I didn't consistently place well, but I didn't miss a week, which helped!)
Still with me?
Brielle Day 10K. This is a longer version of Halfway to Brielle Day. (get it?) Very hilly, very hot, very tough. I have done this race for 2 years and plan to add a third! They have awesome prizes afterwards, randomly drawn. I haven't won yet, but I have high hopes that the third time is the charm!

Knoebel's 5K. I ran this race in 2011, soon after I started training, and it kicked my butt. The flyer said moderate hills. I disagree. It felt like it went uphill. For 5K. With no downhill. It killed me. I want to go back again and kick those hills' butts. I am hoping my schedule will allow it in 2014!
Race for the Cure. I have done this race 4 times since 2009. It runs through Six Flags! My teenie goes with her school every year and does the walk as well. LOVE it!
WOW! That is a lot of races already, I will save the rest for another post!

I hope I am not the only one with a list like this! Do you have one?


  1. Most of my races are local- but I am doing Princess and I want to hit a few I miss every year like the Fueled by Fine Wine! Maryalicia Verdecchia