Saturday, December 7, 2013

Addicted to Races? You need the National Running Challenge!

If, like me, you have a race practically every weekend, you need the National Running Challenge!

The National Running Challenge, is a FREE challenge, for runners who like to run *official* races. Each series runs for several months, and after each official race, you enter your stats to earn points. Your finishing time does not matter! However, there needs to be an official results page. This is important, because two of the races I ran this year, plus a Color Run, did not have an official results page, so those races did not count!
As you add your races and earn points, you will climb the ladder in the standings! The Fall series is currently running, with races from September 14th to December 31st. Each distance has a points value, plus you get points for referrals.  Check out #10! Woot!

What else can you get besides bragging rights? PRIZES!!!!! If you come out on top, whether it is overall or age group, you might be eligible to win prizes! The prizes can be anything from gift cards to running related items!

This is a no brainer! I am so glad that they contacted me and told me about their awesome program!
When you sign up, be sure to list me as your referral, Kim Prytherch!
Start adding those races, maybe you will even beat me!

How many points did you earn??


  1. Don't kill me but I knocked you into 11th. BUT I did put that you referred me so you will get points for that!!

    1. lol that's okay, I am in 2nd for our age group in 5Ks, lol