Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blog Hop Swirlgear Winner and a gift from Energybits!

I am so excited to be announcing the winner of
Last week I posted the giveaway and what fun it was! A simple question: What is your favorite Holiday movie. I saw so many of my favorite movies listed and they all made me smile!
The winner gets to choose one of these awesome shirts:
I know that it is cold outside, but these will be great for those gym workouts, or home workouts, until the weather gets warmer. (Unless you lived in Florida, at which point I would be super jealous).
The winner is a fellow Jersey girl, though, so I know she is fuh-reezing right now!
Anyway, as I read your awesome answers, I wrote your name down and assigned a number from 1-47. Double answers counted as one, and that one bizarre answer about aggressive information for runners doesn't count since it didn't answer the question!
I went to and put in the data:
 And the site randomly chose #2:
Fellow Jersey girl, you are the winner!
Email me at and let me know:
Tee or tank?
Mailing address

I also mentioned a gift from energybits, didn't I?
I was checking my email for last minute entries before I wrote this post, and I had an email from energybits. They sent me a code to get my readers free shipping this season.
Here is what it said:
As Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits and Bits of Heath I want to personally wish you a Happy Holiday Season and let you know that if you or your blog followers are looking for the perfect healthy gift, ENERGYbits® could be the answer! Our clean, green, plant-based protein tabs have quickly become the fuel of choice for athletes, runners and active consumers worldwide.  Loaded with 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals, our spirulina algae tabs provide steady energy and mental alertness withoutsugar, chemicals, caffeine, gluten, soy or stomach distress, all for one calorie per tab. Even better, they come so attractively wrapped, just add a bow and you're ready to go!
SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFERFREE SHIPPING!! Just enter the discount code HOLIDAY when you or your followers check out at and you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING (USA and Canada only).  
GIFT WITH PURCHASE! FREE STOCKING STUFFER! For every two bags ordered of any brand of bits, using any discount code, we are including a GIFT WITH PURCHASE! Your gift makes a great stocking stuffer! It includes a full tin of ENERGYbits® and other swag - a $15 value. This Holiday Season, why not give ENERGYbits® to stay energized, SKINNYbits® to stay trim, RECOVERYbits® to stop colds, prevent hangovers and kick off a New Year's detox!  We make it easy to love everyone to bits!
This deal is valid until December 31st! Thanks energybits!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?


  1. OH MY GOSH - YAY!!! I'm totally chair dancing right now. I'll email you soon. :) xo

    1. woohoo so glad! It is ordered and on its way to you!