Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Swirlgear Christmas!

I didn't actually get any Swirlgear  but I did get featured in a  Christmas Shout out with my Swirl Sisters!
I am in the bottom row, with a Gingerbread Man, from  my Christmas Eve run with the hubs!

I did get a 13.1 charm for my bracelet, some headbands for running, an Endorphin Warrior tee that says Relentless, and a gift card for Disney to use on Marathon weekend!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Starting tomorrow I need to buckle down! I gained 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yikes! I have been eating like crazy, and now that I am tapering, and will only be doing shorter runs until Disney, I really need to watch my food intake!
Luckily, my DietBet challenge with Shrinking Jeans starts on the first, and that will provide some motivation to stick with my food plan!
Are you joining any challenges to start off 2014? I am also doing a challenge with Run With Jess, the Winter Miles Challenge.  You get to pick your level, and since I will be running Dopey and then resting, I chose the Beginner level.

Merry Christmas!!!!!


  1. Sending some Swirl Sister love your way! Good luck on your Dietbet, I have no doubt you will rock it!!