Sunday, January 5, 2014

Barking Mad Virtual Race for Breast Cancer

Having trouble staying motivated during the winter months? I know I am!
I am hosting a Virtual Race to raise funds for 26.2 With Donna, which I am running (well, the Half Marathon) at the end of February!

What is a Virtual Race? During the designated time, you walk, run, bike, or crawl the designated distance. You do it when you want. Where you want. Alone or with friends. You get bling!
The best part? You are making a donation to charity! In this case, the proceeds go to the Mayo Clinic and to breast cancer patients who need funding, via the Donna Fund!
To run the race, you just need to send $15 to me, via PayPal, at
$10 will be donated and $5 will help defray the cost of the medal, envelope, and shipping.

There will also be prizes!
For every 10 registered racers, I will throw a prize into the pile 'o' prizes, and on February 28, I will draw names randomly. The prizes will be Runner decals, Sweat Pink shoelaces, shubeez, etc and once the total of racers reaches 50, I will add things like a Running Buddy and Swirlgear! I will add an entry into the Digital Running Challenge of the winner's choice when I have 30 racers.
Running Buddy

shubeez shoe tag

Swirlgear short sleeve shirt (and my good friend Adam, lol)

shubeez Beat Cancer headband

Digital Running medal

If you would like to join the Facebook Page, you can post pictures of your race there, and see the updates on the number of racers!
You can choose any distance, and I will have the distance on the back of your medal with February 2014, so be sure to let me know what your distance is when you register!

Have you ever run a Virtual Race?

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