Monday, January 6, 2014

National Running Challenge: Age Group Win and New Series

Awhile back, I mentioned the cool new site I was contacted by: National Running Challenge. NRC is a FREE site, where you record all of your official races in exchange for points! You must be able to link to the race results in order for the race to count for points.

At the end of the Series, there are 3 overall winners (Male and Female) plus Age Group Winners!

Woohooo! My good friend and fellow blogger, Gigi from Running on Candy, won Age Group Prizes! We don't know what the prize is yet, just the value, what an exciting day it was when we found out!
The Spring Series has started, and will end on June 30, so start entering your races now! If you are new to the site, be sure to mention Kim Prytherch when you register, I get bonus points! Then, tell all of your friends, so you can get bonus points, too!
Here is how the points break down (from the site):
Here is a table showing the points that participants will earn for each race they run. Points are given exclusively for participation and no competitive points will be awarded.  Our points schedule is as follows:

1 Mile=2 pts.

2 Mile=3 pts.

5k=5 pts.

5 Mile=8 pts.

8k=8 pts.

10k= 10 pts.

15k=12 pts.

10 Mile=13 pts.

20k=14 pts.

Half Marathon= 15 pts.

15 Mile=16 pts.

25k=16 pts.

30k=18 pts.

20 Mile=20 pts.

Full Marathons and Ultras= 25 pts.

The prizes for Spring total more than $1100 already, so be sure to register now!

Are you doing the National Running Challenge?


  1. Yes and I won a big $5 as the winner in my AG.

    1. Congrats anyway! We need to get more people in your age group, to up the ante!

  2. I have never heard of this before, as soon as I can get back to running again I may just have to look into this:) How fun!

    1. you should! Fun and Free, you can't lose!