Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#Relentless my 2014 Achievement Board

We started the New Year off with a 2 mile dog walk to the Bay and back, and I couldn't resist playing in the sand! Sad, but true!
Last year :::giggle::: I posted about my 2013 Achievement Board, and how well I did with it. A while back, I chose my #oneword for 2014, and started my goals for the new year! In the pic below, there is one empty spot, but that has been filled. I will make a new round of rectangles soon, because as I reach my goals, I will update the board with more advanced goals, and I am sure I will come up with some completely new ones as well!
Let's start with the goals I have set so far! I will be using a lime green and aqua blue crayon to color them in this year, instead of the rainbow of colors I used last year, to keep it interesting!

  1. Master 8 new yoga poses.  Any suggestions? I hope to master one a month, but who knows? I want to work on crow pose, and a headstand, but I don't know many others that would be considered challenging!
  2. 4 pull-ups in succession. I managed one back in September and basically never tried again. Also sad, but true. I really need to up my game, especially if I am going to complete a Spartan Race without either dying, or doing a crap ton of burpees. I am not a fan of burpees, and I definitely don't want my memories of my first Spartan Race to include them!
  3. Hit the 150s. This basically means to hit 159.9 to be honest. I managed it for about 1.5 seconds in 2013 and it has been a downward (or upward) spiral ever since! I joined a dietbet challenge that will cover the first 8 weeks of the year to get me started. 1/2 pound down. Many more to go! Once I hit this goal I will add a new one!
  4. Complete two marathons. I already have them scheduled: Disney and Atlantic City. Bring it on!
  5. Read 30 books. I read 27 last year, so I aim to read more this year! I am currently working on Pride and Prejudice, which I have never read but have seen to movie 900 times, and I am loving it! 
  6. Run fifteen 5Ks: With all of other races, I hope I am not aiming too high here, but I doubt it. I ran 18 in 2013, so it is definitely possible! I have a few planned already, the first being in Disney!
  7. 5:00 plank. My record is 4:00, and that was almost a year ago. Most of my planks have been 1-2:00 long, and I have stopped planking for the last month or so. I joined a great Challenge Loop challenge to get me back on track!
  8. Complete 14 Half Marathons: This is my 14 in 2014 goal, and I have 11 scheduled already. The first one, of course, in Disney! I have at least one more that I hope to do, and might do the last ones virtually. One never knows!
  9. Complete Three 5 Milers: I do the same three every year, Spring Lake, Firecracker Five, and Turkey Trot. Love them all!!!
  10. Do a Duathlon. My friend Eileen and I are doing the Tuckahoe Duathlon, we will bike and ride, and I am super excited to go back and try to improve my time!
  11. Complete 3 Mud Runs. I have already registered for the Spartan Race, thanks to a giveaway sponsored by Nicole at Running While Mommy, and a 4H Mud Run that I will be doing with the boy. I might do another Zombie Run for the 3rd, only time will tell!
  12. Pass the NASM test. I totally dropped the ball on this last year, and I am determined to finish! One of my other goals is to finish studying for it. I should probably do that first ;)
  13. Run two 10Ks. Not to sound like a broken record, but the first will be in Disney! The second will likely be my favorite, Brielle Day 10K. It is super hilly and always kicks my butt!
  14. PR in the Half Marathon. Tis can be a course PR or an overall PR, I am not picky! I have signed up for a training group that runs all winter, in hopes of keeping me motivated!
  15. 500 followers on Instagram. Do you follow me? If not, check me out here. I follow back!
  16. PR in a 5K. My best time is 29:45, which was at a race in 2012. I have no problem with a course PR here, either, but I would love to beat that best time!
  17. Complete a training plan. I have yet to do P90X from start to finish, or Rip: 60, so I would love to finish one from start to finish. I don't care if I actually finish it in 90 days, or not, I just want to finish!
  18. PR in the 10K. I did this in 2013, I would love to do it again in 2014!
  19. Sparkpeople Level 18. I love Spark People, you get points every day for writing posts, reading emails, blogging, entering your food, exercise, etc. and it takes a long time to progress levels as you get higher up the chain! I am just about to hit level 17, so hopefully I am not aiming too high! I am Kimmiep there, if you want to add me as a friend!
  20. PR in a 5 miler. 2013 seemed to be one PR after another in the 5 mile race. I am hoping to shave off a little more time in 2014!
  21. Complete the money challenge. Epic fail in 2013. Every week you put a few dollars away (week one is $1, week 2 is $2, etc.) and at the end of the year, you have $1378! I started in November so that by November 10, 2014 I will have the money to go Christmas Shopping! This past year, whenever the kids wanted money for something I would take it out of the jar, and never put it back, until there was nothing left. Like I said, epic fail.
  22. Run 700 miles. I ran 651 in 2013, and have added up my planned training runs and they far surpass this number. I see an amended goal in my future!
  23. Run in a new state. We have not finalized our vacay plans yet, but no matter which plan we choose, one will involve a state that I have not run in yet. Unfortunately, none of my planned races are in a new state. Hopefully, this will not involve a road trip! I don't think I have run in Delaware yet, maybe I should book a race!
  24. 1200 Followers on Facebook. Do you follow me yet? My goal to hit 1000 in 2013 was met just in time, and I have almost 1050 now. Check me out here. I would love to smash this goal and add a new one!
  25. Jupiter Level in Half Fanatics. I am currently chilling on Saturn, and it is lovely, but once I complete back to back Halfs in April, I will make the trip to Jupiter!
  26. 2000 Followers on Twitter. Do you follow me? I am at about 1750 now, let's see how fast I can get to 2000!
  27. Raise $1000 for Charity.  Definitely a goal I plan to amend! I am currently fundraising for World Vision (providing wells for under privileged countries)and the Donna Fund (Breast Cancer patients, and the Mayo Clinic) if you would like to contribute! Every little bit helps!
That's it! I look forward to coloring in some rectangles, and posting my updated board!
I also printed out a blog planner and roughly planned out my year of blogging! I am ready for 2014!!!

Have you made any goals or resolutions for 2014?


  1. YAY! I love all of these...looking forward to following you as you reach all these goals. I'm still working on setting some new goals for 2014...I'm completely consumed with Dopey right now, as I'm sure you know, so once I'm back from Disney (assuming I survive, that is, haha), I think I'll be ready to take on some new challenges. :-D

    1. You will survive, we both will! We might be gimpy for a few days but we will survive!