Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Color Run 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour

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Have you ever done The Color Run?

I have done 3, each one with one of my kids (2 with the Teenie, 1 with the Boy). They are SO much fun! If you don't already know what The Color Run is, let me tell you!
A 5K, where everyone starts out wearing white, and ends up looking like a rainbow! At each K, a different color is thrown at you, in the form of perfectly harmless cornstarch, dyed in different colors. The color is thrown by volunteers, and it is all super safe. People even bring their toddlers in strollers!
MOST of the dye will wash out. Eventually. I doubt it even lasted 3 days, most of it washed out the first shower. I was kinda bummed, actually.
It washes out of your clothes, too, for the most part, but don't wear anything you love. Just in case.
Interested yet? You can check any of the links above to see if The Color Run is coming to a city near you! Use the code below for $5 off!

It really is one of the best races I have taken my kids to. It is not timed, just a lot of fun! At the end, you get to haver a crazy dye party, with the dye packet they give you, or you can use it during the race. SO much fun! I have done it in 3 locations: Brooklyn, Central Jersey, and Lehigh Valley. Lehigh was definitely the most scenic, but they were all equally fun!

 The Color Run has some awesome new swag this year:

How amazing is this? I will leave you with some before and after shots of the first The Color Run I ever did:

What are you waiting for? Register today, or sign up for a notification for when your city opens for registration! Still not sure? Check out their Facebook page for photos of all the fun!

Have you ever done The Color Run?


  1. I love color runs!! Especially because they get my friends who refuse to run out there doing something!! Plus they are just so fun! You know how I feel about colors!

    1. I can totally see you at a color run!