Thursday, January 30, 2014

Training Update … 14 in 2014 Style

Now that I have completed Dopey, it is time to start working towards my other big goal for 2014.

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 While I was in Disney, I completed the first Half Marathon, so I only have 13 to go! I have most of them scheduled, and will run a couple Virtual Half Marathons, to hit the magic number. I have attempted a few short runs since Dopey, and they have not gone at all well. My legs still feel very heavy, and the snow and ice makes it hard too work out. A lot of my workouts have been indoors!
On the 19th, less than a week after Dopey, I attempted my first run. I managed a mile, and then walked a mile back. It was super cold, and snowy!
On the 20th, I tried again. I managed 2 miles, and my shins were very sore, and my legs were very tired!
January 23rd, I did a little Zumba on the Wii, using the maraca weights that came with my DVD box set. Total sweat fest! I lasted just over 45 minutes before I got too tired and sore.

 On Friday, January 24th, my new FIRM DVD set came from Groupon! Woohoo! I had not planned to work out that day, but I could not resist. The workouts are only 20 minutes long, and they have "bursts" throughout, 8 second bursts, with 12 second recovery, and you repeat it a total of four times. Each workout has about four bursts in it. I started with the Sculpt, and 5 pound weights, as suggested, thinking it would be easy. NOT! I was even sore the next day!

 I rested over the weekend, and on Monday, the 27th, attempted a 4 mile run. The snow was just too much, and I had to stop after 2.25 miles. The sidewalks weren't clear and I was basically running down the middle of the road! YIKES! I came back and did the second DVD in the Ignite portion of the Box set, for another 20 minutes of exercise. Not a bad day!

Tuesday, I was all ready to lay around for the night, when I was bitten by the FitBit bug. I was short of my 10K steps, so I walked in place while I watched Intelligence and Biggest Loser, for a total of about 60 minutes. I ended the day with more steps, but this was just after I broke 10K.

Now that I have hit 10K, I want to keep the streak alive, so yesterday I broke out my Biggest Loser Power walk DVD at about 7:30 and walked enough to break 10K again! I did just over 2 miles with Bob and Sione.

Today I did the last DVD in the Ignite series, ending week one. This one was Cardio Sculpt, and I added the bonus disc and did a 10 minute Pump it Up class. It had half the Bursts, but used mostly weights. I am only at about 4,000 steps, so I see some walking in my future. I will check my FitBit after dinner and see what the plan will be!

Saturday is my Group Run. I signed up for a training class to prep for Spring Halfs, and due to weather, illness, and Dopey I have missed the first 3! I hope to make the rest of them! Saturday is 7 miles, far and away more than I have run all at once since Dopey, but at least I know I can do it! Hopefully the group aspect will keep me moving. It doesn't hurt that the temps are supposed to hit the 40s that day! I would get excited, except that whenever we have a day that hits 40, we get snow within 2 days. I am not liking the snow anymore, I have cabin fever!

Is it snowing a lot where you live? How are you staying active?


  1. I wish I had your motivation to do DVDs at is like once I walk through that door all my motivation is sucked right out. Even my running mojo is missing right now.....

    1. I don't have any mojo either, this weather is so depressing! I am at home most of the day, so I force myself to work out, otherwise I will be the StayPuff Marshmallow Mom soon!

  2. Haha, I'm doing the same thing -- I had such tunnel vision for the last few months and could think of nothing other than Dopey, and now it's like...okay...what do I do for the rest of the year? :)

    1. crazy, right? Plus, I have post-Disney depression, which isn't helping!