Monday, January 20, 2014

Walt Disney World Expo and 5k Recap

I know I posted some pictures already, but it is time to get down to the nitty gritty!
Colleen and I arrived at the Expo at around 2:00 and headed right for the Dooneys! Priorities after all! We got our bags and then made our way to the bib pickup. On our way, we were sidetracked by the RunDisney Instagram booth, and couldn't resist a quick stop!
 Nooooo, we did not plan the matching shirts! 
We went down to get our bibs and tees. The line for bibs was so short that we were done in minutes, and got out tech shirts just as quickly! I needed to trade up, they were women's cut, so I wanted a large instead of a medium. This was also super speedy!
There was a merch tent in the room, and we dashed inside to buy Dopey gear. Yeahhhhhhh, there wasn't any. I think I scored a decal for the car, and we got our Mickey figurine and a 2014 necklace. They totally missed the mark here. They should have made necklaces for Goofy and Dopey at the very least, but they only had the one choice. FAIL. 
Next we headed to the Josten Center to get our 5k tee and to shop. The line for the tee was short, and we went right to the merch tent to get Dopey gear. Yeahhhhhhh another fail. The women's tech was only available in small so we ended up with a blue shirt, men's cut. I found my Dopey medal pin for my lanyard, but there wasn't much else left. Major disappointment!
We shopped at Running Skirts, the Medal display store, and Raw Threads. This is where I finally scored a shirt that says 48.6! It is purple and soooooo super comfy! I couldn't wait to earn it!
On our way out we took pics in front of the banners and then headed out for dinner and then fireworks at EPCOT. 
Oh yeah, and we met this guy!

The morning of the 5k we got up bright and early so that we could catch the bus to the start. I munched on some BelVita cookies while we looked for our friends from the PbRC. The costumes were all

Off to the corrals! Even though are submitted times were only about 4 minutes apart, I was one corral ahead of Colleen so I bumped back one. After a lot of waiting it was finally our turn!
We headed out into the EPCOT parking lot, and eventually entered the park after about 1.5 miles of running. The staff was amazing, cheering, making jokes. We ran through the countries and then made our way towards the finish.
I know, not very exciting. There were a few Character stops. One was Dopey. During the 5K. He was in Germany, and the line stretched through 2 countries. For real. We just ran right by. We took a few pics, one very cool selfie, and then continued on.
Even though we ran almost the whole race, it still took almost 45 minutes to finish. We took it very slow and steady, and stopped to take a few pics.
Overall, the race was quick and fun. Only about half went through the park, but this is not news, since I did this race last year! They had Flik and Atta, and they had Remy as well as Dopey, not very thrilling I must say. I will leave you with these two final pics, the end of race #1 out of 4!


  1. Looks like you had a blast. I'm jealous about the Dooney's cuz they are totally SOLD OUT! I've been calling Disney like a MAD woman and they keep giving me the same story.... I secretly hope they will find one for me or someone will have returned on... or one will come back damaged.. A girl can dream right? Looks like you had a good 5k!

    1. Sarah, we got those bags first thing! We RAN into the booth, and snatched ours right up!

  2. Great recap, and I love your costumes! Sorry you couldn't find what you wanted at the really sucks that they never have enough; they shouldn't be sold out in the middle of the afternoon on the first day! Not cool. The 5K was definitely pretty uneventful...a little disappointing, that's for sure.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yeah, the Dopey mercy was definitely a let down, hopefully something they will fix for future racers!

    2. aaaaand my daughter is signed into my computer. FAIL.