Thursday, January 9, 2014

WDW Marathon Expo and 5k

This is going to be mostly pictures, since we are headed out to Hollywood Studios soon!
We met Jeff Galloway! There was a bit of a line, so we just got the pic and left! There was almost no Dopey merch either! I got a vinyl cling, a men's tech shirt since the women's shirts were gone, and a pin. Oh, and a Dooney. I love my Dooney! I got the Mickey Vinylmation as well, but they only had one kind of necklace for him. I was hoping for several! 

RunDisney was doing these cute pics for free at the expo. 
We met a great couple and took pics at every Race banner, teamwork got the job done! I will just post Dopey though!
Dessert at Kouzzina, holy heck, it was fabulous!
Selfie with Colleen mid race, we are almost done!

The medal! 3.1 miles done, 45.5 to go!
It rained a bit but otherwise the weather was pretty great! We didn't do any character stops because the lines were too long! The line for our snazzy Dopey bracelets was also long! 
The rain is still a major issue, but we will brave it soon, so we can check out Star Tours and the Toy Story ride! Priorities!!!

What is your favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios?


  1. Isn't Jeff galloway awesome!!! I met him and his wife in one of the race expos and he's just amazing. :)
    Congrats! Cute medal! :)

    1. Jeff was fabulous! Super friendly, if there wasn't a line I would have picked his brain more, maybe next time!