Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Winter Running Style

Running has been super difficult lately, but I put on my big girl pants, and several other layers, and ran with my friend Eileen Monday morning! The boardwalk was too icy, so we ran along the side of the road, mostly through parking spaces, to get our seven miles in. We even ran along the ocean for about 1.5 miles, even though it slowed us down. A lot.
How do you make it through 7 freezing below freezing miles?
Stop and smell the roses  ocean.......

Write silly things in the sand, hoping that the ocean will just wish wash it away....

Wear layers. Lots of them. And gloves. And a hat. And sunglasses, because the sun reflecting of snow is bright~ I debated not using this picture, because I couldn't suck it all in, but the truth hurts, and I have developed a winter gut. It will be gone soon, because I grabbed a hold of it, and reigned it in!

Check your fitbit when you get home, and dance with glee that you beat your 10,000 step goal by 10:30 am, and surpassed it.

Do you like running when it is cold out?


  1. No. But the ocean still looks pretty. Better than my view. Can't wait to get rid of the layers.

    1. I don't like it all, Darlene, it makes me crazy! I can't wait to see some sunshine! I like the views you post of your running, they vary so much more than mine!

  2. I normally do not like running when it is cold out, but since I have no gym membership I have to suck it up. Some days are awesome and I don't notice the cold, but some days suck! Yesterday I was freezing the last mile or was not fun! And I also agree - lots and lots of layers!
    Yay for your 7 miles!!

    1. Thanks! Today was much better, until the rain started! I cannot catch a break! I did get 3.5 of my 5 miles in before the rain started, so I am thrilled! Better days are ahead!