Thursday, February 20, 2014

Staying Motivated, Virtual Races with Digital Running

I love Virtual Races! You pay a little money, usually way less than at a live event, run the race, or races, on your own time, and you get bling. Did you hear me?
I love bling.
Last year I discovered the Digital Running Club. Brian, Head Coach Extraordinaire, has come up with  some wonderful challenges to keep us all motivated, with some amazing bling! His bling is better than some I have gotten at a live event! True story!
This year he has several challenges ongoing, and I am super excited to earn them all! Just after I finished Dopey, I wrote all about earning these medals, and I hinted about a surprise challenge. I will give you the details in just a minute.
The Hat Trick Challenge is currently $25, and will go no higher in price. You run 3 of the following distances during the year to earn it: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon.
The Grand Slam Challenge is earned by running all 4 distances, and you get BOTH medals! Woot! The price is currently $25 but can go as high as $30, so register soon to get the best price.

I also mentioned the Interstate Challenge, which I will be earning on March 2. You earn it by running a Half or a Full in two different states or Canadian Provinces. I ran a Half (and a Full) in Florida, and I will add NJ on March 2nd. I ran the same races last year to earn this medal! Disney Marathon and E Murray Todd Half Marathon! So exciting to be repeating that performance this year!

I love that this will be my second Interstate Challenge! The cost for this challenge is currently at $20, and the highest it will go is $25. The sooner you register, the better your chance at getting the lowest price possible!

Ok, on to the newest, and the most exciting, Challenge. Well, at least I think it is the most exciting! Why? It keeps you moving all year long!
The Time of the Season Series
Doesn't the name alone get you excited?
This Series is a year long event! You complete four separate challenges during the year, and earn a medal for each challenge. Once you complete all four, you earn a fifth bonus medal. And they interlock. Oh yeah. They become one big mighty BLING! I have seen the bling, but for now I can only show you this:
So let's talk about each Challenge!
We will start with the Spring Dawn Challenge. You earn this bling by running a 5K race, or longer, during March, April, AND May. That is three races, peeps. Once you do this, and submit your results, you will get the above bling. I promise, it is worth the wait, and I will post new pics once they are available to the public! You can sign up for this race on its own, or register for all of them at once to get the fifth and final piece this winter!
Next is the Summer Day Challenge.  This is earned the same way, running one race in June, July, AND August. Again, three races total! Your bling will be in the same shape as the Spring Race.
The third part of the series is Autumn Twilight Challenge.  Again, the same challenge as before, running a race in September, October, AND November! Aren't the names of each Challenge spectacular? I am so freakin excited!
Final Challenge. Possibly the most difficult, especially towards the end, weather wise. This challenge will take you into 2015. The Winters Night Challenge will have you running your races in December, January, AND February.
Once you have completed all 4 Challenges, you will receive the final piece, the bonus BLING that ties them all together. Again, I will post the images once I have them, but here is a sneak peek:

Are you intrigued yet? I actually stopped writing this blog up so that I could go and register! It is currently $58 to sign up for all FOUR challenges, plus a FIFTH bonus bling, but it can get as high as $110, depending on how many people sign up before you! Sign up soon!

******I do not benefit from you signing up, I am an Ambassador for the Digital Running Club, and I LOVE to share about their awesome Challenges, but I am not an Affiliate. All I get is the satisfaction of knowing that I inspired someone else to get out there and move!******

Do you like Virtual Races? Which was your favorite?


  1. Awesome, I will definitely check them out. I loooove virtual races to keep me motivated in my training!

  2. I need to check out these virtual races. The blings are cute!!! :)