Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toilet Tree Skin Care System Review

*****I was provided with a Toilet Tree Skin Care System in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!****

I was so excited when Jamie from Toilet Tree Products asked me if I would like to review their Skin Care System! The Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System has so many uses, I could not resist trying it out!

Skin Care System Features:
  • System includes 4 interchangeable brush heads: 2 face brushes (1 soft for sensitive skin, 1 medium for normal skin); 1 large body brush; 1 pumice sphere for tough foot skin
  • Battery operated (4 AA batteries included with purchase)
  • Water-resistant design allows for use in the shower
  • Water-resistant strap for convenient hanging and storage
  • Available in 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black

Skin Care System Benefits:
  • Reduces the appearance of problem areas, such as: dead skin cells, oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, visible pores, blackheads and wrinkles
  • Stimulates skin renewal and improves overall skin clarity and appearance
  • Energizes skin and leaves it smooth, soft and radiant
  • Cleans deep to help remove stubborn makeup
  • Enhances absorption of moisturizes

First, let's just say three cheers for batteries included! 
I decided to try it in the shower first, with my facial cleanser. I used the softest brush, and it was like having a facial in the shower! It was so relaxing, and my skin felt amazing afterwards! I let the teenie use it, too, and she didn't want to give it back!
Check out the top left of the bottom picture. Pumice! Every runner's best friend! My poor feet are a mess all of the time, and I just loved this feature! It really helps with my poor, dry, cracked heels! I used my foot cream afterwards, and it was like I done two treatments instead of one!
I have to try the large body brush next, but the teenie stole it back! Little demon! Once I get it back, I may never want to leave the shower! It will be like having a spa at home! I *was* hanging it on the towel bar right outside my shower, which, of course, made it so easy for the teenie to steal! 
Mine is gray, but it does come in all sorts of colors, so go nuts! The link for purchasing this relaxing Skin Care System is below! I highly recommend this, especially if you like relaxing spa-like showers! 


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Do you like using Spa products when you shower?

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