Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Workout Edition

It has been crazy snow/ice/sleet here at the Jersey Shore, so most of these are indoor workouts!

today, I did FIRM sculpt, 3 miles of Power Walking with 5 minutes of planks in between

24, while waling in place. Heaven.

I don't know why I never screen shot the end, but this was part of a 7 mile run

another walk in place while watching I am Legend

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Did you watch the finale of Biggest Loser? What did you think of Rachel's final weigh in?


  1. Great workouts!

    I don't watch TBL. I've read all about it, though, and my feelings are definitely mixed on the matter.

  2. I watched Biggest Loser religiously for years, but didn't get into this last season, or the season before. Now that I'm seeing the pictures and watching clips from the finale, I'm kind of glad I haven't been following along. I don't know her story at all, I haven't watched, but Rachel's weight loss is a little frightening. I know many of the contestants put on a few pounds after the finale (as I'm sure she will), I know it's all a game and there's a big fat check at the end, but when someone looks that unhealthy and is clearly underweight for her frame, it definitely gets to me a little bit. When it became more about health than a number on the scale to me, that's when I started to lose a bit of interest in the show...and now I can sort of see why!

    1. I am crossing my fingers that she puts on about 10 pounds or so, and stays there! She was my favorite all season, such a powerhouse in all the competitions!