Friday, March 21, 2014

Flat Mama Friday, 13.1 NY Edition

I am packing my bags and getting ready to drive to NY after work tonight to stay with my good friend Gigi from Running on Candy so we can take Queens by storm tomorrow!
We will be running the 13.1 NY Half Marathon, sponsored by Michelob Ultra.  The course looks interesting, I have never really been to Queens, and I have never been to Mets Stadium, so I am pretty excited. Not that I am a Mets fan, I just love baseball stadiums. You couldn't pay me to watch a baseball game on TV, but get me to a stadium, and it's a whole other ball game story!

I was pretty worried about this race all week, I must say! I have not been on a run since my long run last Saturday! Why? First it was the crazy weather, and then I was in a little fender bender. I can't go into details, but I was rear ended and I ended up with a sore shoulder for a few days. UGH.
Yesterday, however, I played a rousing game of hide and seek with the Wonder Twins, and all was well. This morning, I woke up with no pain at all, just a little tightness. Hooray!

I will also be running this race for my pal Bryce, as part of the Irish Upon a Star Virtual Race. The medals are 2 Shamrocks, that fit inside each other. One for me, one for him. I plan to run this race with them in my pocket, and then sending his to him afterwards. I am hoping to get some fun pics of his medal all around Queens, but only if the weather is cooperating! They are predicting rain! Booooo!
I packed for the rain, though. I have my handy dandy Hat Trick cap from Runner's World, which I ran last October. This was the race where I got to run with Gigi and Danielle for the first time!
The shirt is Swirlgear, and the jacket is Digital Running. It has so many great pockets, it will, hold everything I need that doesn't fit into my Running Buddy! (not pictured, blogger fail!) I never run without it, it is perfect for my cell and my Honey Stingers!
The skirt is a Sparkle Skirt, I bought it to wear as Lightening McQueen when I ran Dopey. I will be wearing capris underneath!
I packed all of my essentials, including a pair of compression socks for the ride home! It is a two hour drive back to the beach, and I want to be sure I am comfy! I always wear sweats or PJ pants to drive home in!
I think I am ready! I cannot wait to hang with my girls tomorrow, and meet some new FB friends and fellow Swirl Sisters! I love meeting up with fellow crazies when I race!
I will be sure to write up a recap on Sunday! Saturday will be crazy because after the race I have a Memorial to attend for a family member who passed this month. If I can, I will post some teaser pics on Saturday!
Are you racing this weekend? What's the forecast for your race?


  1. Good luck with your run this weekend! I don't have any runs scheduled anytime soon. But I am enjoying the warmer weather we are having.

    I host a Fitness Friday linky along with a lot of other health bloggers. I invite you to link up on and share my button on your site. Have a terrific weekend!

  2. Hope they are wrong about the weather. This weekend is my last run before my half next weekend.

    1. I am hearing all sun now, cross your fingers and have a great run!

  3. I can't wait until you are here!!!!

    1. leaving around 7, hopefully arriving around 9!