Saturday, March 1, 2014

MASH Up Conditioning Winner, Weekend Racing, and March Challenges....Whew!

Wow, I haven't been back since Wednesday! I meant to post this yesterday, but the Teenie is playing the dragon in Shrek the Musical and I was so busy running around, that I just didn't get to it!
she is 1/5 of the dragon, top row, center

I am really really loving these MASH Up Conditioning workouts! I have the Tempo DVD, and each workout is 15 minutes long, and it has strength, core, and interval training. In each workout! I have been doing one workout, then running about doing errands, or walking in front of the TV, and then doing a second workout. They are really kicking my butt!

Without further ado, the winner of a MASH UP Conditioning DVD is.......

Jennifer Wimbley!!!!!

Congratulations! Email me at with your mailing information, and I will have your DVD sent ASAP!!!

For my readers that are Personal Trainers in the Oklahoma and Texas areas, you can earn your MASH GT Coach Certification! You will also earn .8 ACE CECS! Check out the Website for more information, or call 1-888-885-2646

This weekend, I will be running the E Murray Todd Half Marathon. It is very low key (no bling! Holy Heck!) and very very hilly. My friend and I ran it last year, and it took us FOREVER to finish, so we are hoping to redeem ourselves this year! Of course, neither of us have put in enough time to really do it right, so this may just be another train wreck. No worries, though, it is the mileage that counts at this point! Snowpocalypse will be rearing its ugly head again tomorrow night, so this may be my only run for a few days! 
Thanks Darlena, from Run Find Your Happy Pace

Tough Chik Shout Out
I totally forgot to take a Flat Mama pic last night, the play ran so late, so I will post my outfit tomorrow. I will be repping for Digital Running, and looking awesome, of course! And layers. Lots and lots of layers. Brrrrrrrr

I hope I haven't lost you all, yet! Being that today is March 1, I am going to share my March Challenges! I always start these with the best of intentions, and I usually finish most of them! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen that I was chosen to be a FitFluential Ambassador yesterday! Wooohoooo! It takes a few weeks to become official, and I am just fangirl-ing all over the place!

Which brings me to Challenge #1. Fitfluential even provides you with a handy calendar to help you get your miles in! I have over 125 miles planned for March, so this one should be a no brainer! 

I am so glad that Amanda from Run to the Finish is doing the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge again! You log in your workouts and accumulate points. The people with the most points win prizes, and there are also random drawings! I have won some great prizes in past challenges! When you sign up, mention me as your referral!

I love Photo Challenges, and the gals at Shrinking Jeans have come up with a great challenge for March to help keep you motivated!

They also came up with a 10K steps challenge with a little kick! I love this, because I have been trying to focus on 10K steps a day, which isn't always as easy as you would think! I have printed out both of these to keep me motivated!

Whew! That was long, and I apologize! I have some household chores to tackle now, and then I go back to the theatre to see the Teenie in the Understudy Production (she will be one of the sassy 3 Blind Mice today, and the dragon again tonight. She is on the left in this photo from the Thursday Dress Rehearsal)

What challenges will you tackle in March?


  1. I hope you had a great half marathon!!!!

    1. I did, thank! I will be writing about it today!

  2. Congrats on becoming FitFluential!! ME TOO!!! Totally excited!!!