Thursday, March 27, 2014

#TutusRock #RocktheTutu

This may come off as a bit of a rant, because no matter how long I wait, I am still angry. I won't be linking to any companies or pages, because this is not an advertisement for any of them.

SELF Magazine requested a pic of runners wearing Tutus from Glam Runners, a company that makes seriously cute tutus. For runners. They chose to use the pic to poke fun at runners in tutus. Is this allowed? Yes. Is this okay? Absolutely not. Calling women who wear tutus "lame" isn't just bullying, it is just plain incorrect. More than one race can boast that their winner finished in one.
To choose a pic of a Cancer survivor rocking a tutu, and calling her lame, is adding insult to injury. It is cruel, heartless, insensitive, and irresponsible. There has been a retraction, however their apology seems a little ridiculous to me. The runner's bib, clearly shown in the pic, shows she had Cancer. Did they not even look at the pic before they used it? The profits from these "lame" tutus benefits Girls on the Run. Lame? I think not.
What I do love about this whole situation is the way that the running community, men and women, came together to show the love and support for Monika at Glam Runner.

I love that MRTT is using this as a way to donate to Monika's Charity of choice, Girls on the Run. I already posted my picture! Mine came from the start of Rock n Roll USA, one of the times I wore a tutu instead of a running skirt.

On Sunday, when I participate in the Love Run in Philly, I will again be wearing a tutu. My Flat Mama Friday pic will show it off. I also made a Pinterest Board with pins on how to make your own,
just in case you would also like to show the love!

Have you ever worn a tutu in a race? Would you ever wear one, if you haven't?


  1. Yes, I wore my first tutu as part of Team Challenge in Vegas. My picture is posted on my Facebook page...Gracious Warrior Princess. Self(ish) magazine.

  2. This upset me too! I posted to the Self FB page. Even IF she didn't have cancer, you don't make fun of women who are doing what you claim your magazine is about. I don't think it's ever ok for a magazine to make fun of anybody.