Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday #rockthetutu edition

At Sunday's Love Run I decided that I would take tons of tutu pictures for Wordless Wednesday.
It poured.
My iPhone stayed safely tucked away in my Sparkle Skirt, beneath my tutu, instead.
I did get these pictures before the start, however!
 Before the race, in our hotel room!

My best running buddies! 
Somebody forgot to tell these guys hat tutus are lame, I guess. Don't they rock them like crazy? Turns out two of these guys are friend and cousin to one of my non running friends!!!
No one seemed to think I was strange for asking to take pics with me!
More tutus!
Our team made it into the email collage that the race sent out today! Lots if tutus in this picture!

Did you race or run in a tutu this weekend?


  1. As you know I was running in the monsoon of a race in Philly. No tutu, though.

    1. no tutu, but you PRd! That's awesome!

  2. GREAT pictures! You rocked that tutu! I ran the BoMF 5 miler in Philly on Sat but no tutu because I don't have one. BOO!

    See you this weekend!

    1. yikes, Saturday wasn't much better! See you soon, I will be the one wearing the white, blue, and yellow tutu ;)