Friday, April 4, 2014

Flat Mama Friday: Atlantic City April Fool's Half Marathon

Sunday is my second go at the Atlantic City April Fool's Half! Once again, I am running with Colleen and Eileen, and also with Gigi from Running on Candy, and some other friends from Island Girl's Running. I would love to meet or beat last year's time of 2:41:48 but I also hope to get some great pics, so if I don't beat my time, I won't really care!
Run Find Your Happy Pace shout out

Swirlgear top (want 50% off between now and April 7? Email me at! ) and of course I am rocking the tutu, it is blue, yellow, and white, and I will wear it again for the BAA 5K in 2 weeks!

runner swag! Our race shirt, which I will get tomorrow at packet pick up!

BLING! Loving it, so much better than last year!
The weather is supposed to be a-mazing! This will make up for last week's terrible weather!

Are you racing this weekend?

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