Friday, April 11, 2014

Flat Mama Friday ... Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k Edition

I am blogging right now from the Red Robin in Hamburg, PA! For real! I love my iPhone! While we wait for our food, I thought I would share my Flat Mama.

 Pretty simple when a 5k is involved! I will have my Running Buddy with me to hold my phone, and my Digital Running Club jacket because it is supposed to be cold in the morning!

I know it looks messy, I was packing for the weekend! We are crashing at my mother's house, which I love. She loves about an hour away from Pottsville, where Yuengling got started. 
The teenie is coming with me and we will leave after lunch to see a play in Philly. Busy weekend, leading up to a busy Spring Break!
After dinner we will hit packet pickup, and then finish the drive to my Mom's house.
Have a great weekend, I hope your weather is as good as ours is supposed to be!

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