Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday, Yuengling Lager Jogger Edition

Friday night, the teenie and I jumped in the car so we could travel to my parents' house for the Youngling Lager Jogger. This is my second year doing this race, and Pottsville's second year hosting it! We stopped at Red Robin for dinner, but I didn't want anything too greasy. I stuck with this BLTA sandwich (Bacon, lettuce, turkey and avocado) and their "endless" fries. I will assume they were endless, as I barely finished half of what they gave me!

 I loved the handy little Ziosk they had. I paid the bill right away, without having to wait for the waiter (who of course, was very punctual anyway) and it even helped me figure the tip. Neat toy!

I stopped at the Ramada in Pottsville to get my bib, tee, and beer glass. They had an exceptional system and I was in and out in minutes! Good thing, because it was pouring! Ugh! Better at packet pick up than on race day! We had about 30 minutes to go before we got to my parents' house, on windy dark mountain roads. It.was.foggy. Like, go 5 miles per hour because you can't see, foggy. 
 I tried to get a pic the next morning but the fog rolled out before I could. The teenie and I were seriously stressed when we got there, hung out with my mom for a bit, and then went to bed!

view from my parents' log cabin
 Pottsville is a seriously beautiful, historic town! I love running here, except for the hills. We will get to that soon. For now, enjoy the view.

 Parking was free and plentiful, and it was a mile-ish walk to the start area. They had a street fair-like atmosphere with crafters, food trucks, etc. before the start. Which sits at the bottom of a one mile hill. For real. When you get to the top, you see the one mile marker. Yikes.

I didn't take the tour :(
 I placed myself at the 9-11 minute mile flag, hoping that it would be true, knowing that it wouldn't! That mile long hill isn't the only hill on the course! The race volunteers had everyone scoot up super close to the start, and were letting us go in waves of 500 every two minutes. It seemed ludicrous, but worked out perfectly. I was amazed! At a RnR event, this would have failed epically!

 Dick Yunegling started us all off, just like last year!
 No race course photos, I was too busy trying to survive the hills! I really wanted to beat last year's time, but I am chubbier and less trained this year, so it wasn't to be. I am cool with that, it was a great race, well run, and lots of fun. The spectators were phenomenal, especially the residents! Lots of signs and cheering!
 Even with my poor time, I finished in the top half. There were a lot of walkers! I posed for my obligatory beer bottle shot and then went back to my mom's house.

 I couldn't resist this pic of my mom's flamingo-bunny. The ears were all droopy from the rain the day before, but it's still pretty sassy!

We had lunch with my mom at Perkins, dropped her back home and headed to Philly for leg two of our journey. The teenie wants to go to U Arts and they were doing a production of Carrie the Musical. Tickets were only $19 for the two of us, so why not drive 2 hours out of our way, pay $20 to park, $50 for dinner, and see a show?

Drexel U

I love old buildings

we stopped at Max Brenner's for chocolate
 The play was okay. It wasn't the students' fault. Carrie should NOT be a musical. They started late and we still had to drive home so we left during intermission. Boy, was I tired!

This is my free finisher photo. Just before the finish line, some dude came from out of nowhere and leaped in front of me. SO no finisher photo for me. His, though? Perfect photo, perfect smile, and my skirt peeking out from behind him. Jerk.

On the plus side, the weather was PERFECT, the day was perfect, and we enjoyed a great stroll around Philly. So, I win anyway!

What are your plans for this weekend?



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  2. You know I hate hills but this looks like a fun one and want to do it one year!!!

    1. You should, it is a lot of fun, and we can crash at my mom's house ;) Free hotel, lol