Saturday, May 31, 2014

Avon 5K recap

No...... not the Avon lady! Avon, NJ is a beach town about 30 minutes or so north of where I live. It is a great, flat, fast course and this was my second time running it with my friends.

Last year it was much hotter, so I managed to knock 2 minutes off of my time! Hooray! There were lots of spectators, which I loved, and lots of cheering. I added a day to my run streak as well.
I am feeling wretched today, though, so I guess i am not very chatty. My allergies are nuts! i am super tired, and I spent the entire second mile with a tick at the back of my that and runny eyes. It was crazy bizarre, I am not sure what it was about that mile, other than the trees!
It was a perfect running day, though, and I had a great time with great friends!
A friend of ours won the race, with a time of 17:07 and he is 38! Not bad for an old dude! I think my friend Ryan placed in his AG,  but they only gave prizes to first place, so I am still waiting for the results on that one!
I always say that I want to try new races, but there is just something about repeaters that make me smile!
Next week is my first Girls on the Run race! I look forward to watching the girls I have been coaching finish their first (for some of them, not all) 5K. We will all be wearing tutus, and they will get medals for finishing!

Did you race this weekend? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

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